Release Date: April 7, 2009 (DVD)
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Director: Fabrice du Welz
Screenwriter: Oliver Blackburn, Fabrice de Welz
Starring: Rufus Sewell, Emmanuelle Béart, Julie Dreyfus, Borhan Du Welz
Genre: Horror
MPAArating: R (for some disturbing violent content, sexuality/nudity and language)
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A couple leaves the civilized world behind and descends into a living nightmare in this chilling horror thriller. Six months after losing her only child in the Southeast Asia tsunami, Jeanne is convinced she sees him in a film about orphans living in the jungles of Burma. While her husband is worried that she’s losing her mind, he agrees to a search mission. Introduced to a dangerous gang of human traffickers, who leave them stranded, the couple descend upon a treacherous jungle and plunge into a supernatural kingdom where the dead never really die.


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