The Children

Release Date: October 6, 2009 (DVD)
Studio: Lionsgate Home Entertainment (Ghost House Underground)
Director: Tom Shankland
Screenwriter: Tom Shankland
Starring: Rachel Shelley, Stephen Campbell Moore, Eva Birthistle, Eva Sayer, Jeremy Sheffield
Genre: Horror
MPAArating: R (for disturbing bloody violent content, terror, language and brief drug use)
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Based on a story by Paul Andrew Williams, acclaimed director Tom Shankland’s new film truly brings horror home. New Years Eve, and what should be a relaxing vacation for two families coming together to celebrate the holidays, ends up as a desperate fight for survival, as one by one the children mysteriously fall ill and turn against their parents with horrifying consequences.


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The Unseen: A Few Reasons You Should Hunt Down ‘The Children’
I think we can all agree that kids are just creepy. I have a daughter, and I’ll never forget the day she, at just over 18 months, walked into the living room, pointed at an empty corner, and began laughing, looking intently at some invisible hilarity I could not see. What the fuck was she looking at? It also seems clear that kids get scarier with age, which is evident in films like The Good Son, The Bad Seed, The Omen, Who Can Kill a Child?, or Daddy Daycare. Sure they act all sweet and innocent, completely ignorant of the world around them, but in reality they seemingly just want to murder us. You can see it in their eyes, all filled with wonder and homicide.
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