altRelease Date: April 20, 2012 (VOD)
Distributor: IFC Midnight
Director: Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Ramiro Garcia Bogliano
Screenwriter: Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Ramiro Garcia Bogliano
Starring: Cristina Brondo, Camila Bordonaba, Berta Muniz, Arnaldo Andre, Mirella Pascual, Victoria Witemburg
Genre: Horror, Thriller
MPAA Rating: Unrated

A woman hesitantly rents an apartment to an eerie man who she soon realizes has a part in the solar eclipse that is taking place.


News and Reviews

Exclusive Interview: Penumbra & Here Comes the Devil’s Adrian Garcia Bogliano
This is the year of Argentinian filmmaker Adrian Garcia Bogliano. This week saw the American DVD release of his latest effort Penumbra.  Last January yielded the DVD release of Cold Sweat, further, he’s making headlines here on Shock with his forthcoming film Here Comes the Devil and his contribution to The ABCs of Death (both playing at Fantastic Fest next month).  Not too shabby. Bogliano is clearly on the rise in horror and Shock Till You Drop had the pleasure of picking his brain.  We discussed the origins of Penumbra, his love for David Mamet, his disdain for Paranormal Activity and his upcoming projects.
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DVD Details for Argentine Thriller Penumbra
Penumbra, a supernatural shocker from Spain’s new horror hitmakers the García Bogliano brothers, is coming to DVD on August 28th via IFC Midnight and MPI Media Group. Marga (Cristina Brondo, Russian Dolls, L’Auberge Espagnole) is a highly motivated, successful and arrogant businesswoman from Spain on assignment in Buenos Aires, a city she looks down upon and whose people she loathes. While in the Argentine capital on a day the whole population is waiting to view a rare solar eclipse, she must also find a new tenant for her family’s decrepit apartment. Rapidly losing her patience, she comes upon the mysterious realtor Jorge (Berta Muñiz, Plaga Zombie) lurking outside the front door. He informs her that he has a client willing to pay an astonishing four times what she is asking in rent. There’s just one catch – the paperwork must be signed immediately.
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Exclusive U.S. Trailer Premiere for Penumbra
Shortly after helming Cold Sweat, director Adrian Garcia Bogliano helmed Penumbra – a unique, simmering thriller – with his brother Ramiro (who also co-penned Cold Sweat with Adrian). The film played to Fantastic Fest audiences last fall and was subsequently snatched up by IFC for its IFC Midnight banner.  Now, Penumbra will open in select theaters and nationwide on IFC Midnight Cable/Satellite VOD and Digital Outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, SundanceNOW and XBOX Zune) on April 20th. We have the trailer waiting for you after the jump. The story concerns a woman who hesitantly rents an apartment to an eerie man who she soon realizes has plans for the solar eclipse that is taking place.
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