altRelease Date: May 18, 2012 (limited theatrical, VOD)
Studio: IFC Midnight
Director: Dallas Richard Hallam, Patrick Horvath
Screenwriter: Dallas Richard Hallam, Patrick Horvath, Patrick Horvath, Michelle Margolis
Starring: Suziey Block, Bennett Jones, Florence Hartigan, Josh Grote, Liesel Kopp, Morgan Phalen, Jonathan Margolis, Tim Wilson, Karen Gorham, Karen Baird, Farley Burge, Patrick McPheron, Peter Wulff
Genre: Thriller, Horror

When Suziey, a beautiful Silverlake hipster, mysteriously loses her beloved dog, a creeping anxiety begins to set in and she decides she’s had enough of L.A.. But on the night of her going-away party, Suziey finds out that leaving might not be so easy.


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Review: Entrance
Suzy ambles through life, navigating a very mundane existence. Her routine goes something like this: Get out of bed, practice complacent stare, get ready, go to work, come home, repeat. Daily life in Los Angeles becomes too cumbersome for Suzy, so she makes the decision to leave the city. However, Suzy soon finds that leaving will be easier said than done. Entrance is brought to us by Dallas Hallam and Richard Horvath. The duo co-directed and co-wrote (with two other co-writers) the film. I am torn as to whether or not I want to see more from the pair. It’s obvious that they understand a thing or two about the stalk and slash genre, but why they front loaded the first 60 minutes of the movie with little more than pointless dialogue is beyond me. There are a lot of unnecessary scenes that could have been clipped from the movie without anyone knowing the difference. Most of the first 60 minutes could have been cut. The remaining footage would have made a pretty good short film. The scene that really stood out to me as most unnecessary was the scene where Suzy and her coworker discuss how neither one of them enjoys cleaning the bathroom at work. It wasn’t a setup for a scene later in the film, it was just two girls chatting about why cleaning the bathroom isn’t fun.
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