Trailer for the Entity Delivers More Found Footage Horrors
Today, we present the trailer for Entity – no, not The Entity – a found footage entry written and directed by Steve Stone, who is making his feature debut.  The film is being touted at the American Film Market this year and you can find the preview after the jump. Synopsis: In 1998, thirty four unidentified bodies were found in shallow graves in a remote Siberian forest. After subsequent investigations, no official explanation by the Russian authorities was ever offered about the circumstances of the deaths. The case was closed. In 2010, a small English TV crew from the show ‘Darkest Secrets’ set out for the Siberian forest. ‘Darkest Secrets’ focuses on revisiting the sites of unsolved crimes and they employ the gifts of a psychic whose extraordinary powers may help shed new light on cold cases. The last communication to their production office in London stated that they were approaching the Siberian region where the bodies were found. Nothing was heard from them again. ‘Entity’ is the story of what happened to them. The forest was only the beginning….
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