Boggy Creek: The Legend…

Release Date: September 13, 2011 (DVD)
Studio: Hannover House
Director: Brian Jaynes
Screenwriter: Brian Jaynes
Starring: Texas Battle, Stephanie Honore, Damon Lipari, Shavon Kirksey, Melissa Carnell
Genre: Horror

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When Jennifer’s father dies in a horrific accident, she finds herself drawn to his small cabin in Boggy Creek, Texas. She brings a few friends for a week-long stay, but their vacation soon turns deadly. They are warned of an evil that has lurked near the water for three decades, a terrifying creature that murders men and abducts women. While camping, Jennifer and her friends encounter this evil, finding themselves on the feeding grounds of a giant beast. What began as a journey of self discovery becomes a desperate fight for survival

along Boggy Creek.


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