Fessenden Talks Upcoming Films

Devil ready for fest circuit

When we caught up to Glass Eye Pix’s Larry Fessenden about I Sell the Dead (full interview) we got to talking about a trio of upcoming films.

He tells us House of the Devil (set visit), the latest feature by Ti West (The Roost), is nearing completion. “We’re finishing that up this week and trying to get the masters done. The normal course with these movies is to do festivals to inspire interest in the movies, so we’ll be premiering it in the next couple of months here and abroad.”

Devil was an unholy co-production of Glass Eye Pix and Dark Sky Films. Two more projects stemming from this union are Hypothermia by James Felix McKenney and There’s No Place Like Home, the latest from J.T. Petty (first details on both here).

“All of that’s shifting around. Hypothermia we may delay because of the weather,” says Fessenden. “We have to shoot that in the winter. It’s an awesome ice creature film and we may miss the season. But that’s just the nature and the risk you take when you announce a project before everything is set. We just want people to know we’re still going at it.”

Petty, whose film The Burrowers hits DVD this April, is currently in a holding pattern on Faces of Death for Rogue Pictures. It’s unknown which film he’ll tackle next at this point.