Remake Watch ’09: Fright Night is Dead

Hell Night still simmering

All too often it seems our headlines have been littered with nothing but news about remakes. Let’s switch that up with this: The proposed Fright Night update is dead. A pile of ash. Just like Jerry Dandrige, the bloodsucker who met a fiery fate thanks to two brave vampire hunters.

A bit of back story: In 2007, Sony’s Screen Gems was fielding pitches for a proposed remake of Fright Night. Except what the producers wanted sounded something more akin to The Funhouse than the “boy who cried wolf” tale of a young man and his discovery of a vampire who has moved in next door. (More details here.) Later, in March of ’08, the original’s director, Tom Holland, went in to chat about the remake, a sequel and other matters.

Insiders tell us, since then, the Fright Night remake has been abandoned (for now) after a few cracks at the script yielded unsuccessful results.

Meanwhile, we’ve been hearing the Hell Night redo at Screen Gems still has a pulse which is beating stronger. Producers are currently looking for writers with a new take on Tom DeSimone ’81 film about college pledges getting picked off at an old mansion. The Exorcist‘s Linda Blair starred in the original.