The Latest Trailer for Prey

Hey, where did the director go?

In addition to the two trailers we introduced you to in October, a new preview has appeared online for the Australian supernatural romp Prey. And it appears there’s something amiss going on behind-the-scenes on the film.

At the end of this latest trailer, the credits block is missing a “directed by.” A quick gander over at the film’s Imdb page tells us an Oscar D’Roccster is now responsible for the film. Up until two months ago, the director was George Miller – the one responsible for The Neverending Story II, not of Mad Max and Babe fame. D’Roccster? This mystery figure has no credits to his name. Perhaps Miller wanted no connection to the final product.

Written by John Soto, Prey stars Jesse Johnson, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Ben Kermode.

Source: Quiet Earth