What’s Inside the Mysterious Road Train?

The Aussie thriller shooting in ’09

What, at first, appeared to be an Australian spin on road rage thrillers like Duel and Joy Ride is beginning to sound a tad different. When Dean Francis’ feature debut Road Train was announced, the story – written by Clive Hopkins – was described as being about “A group of youngsters are menaced by a driverless road train in the Australian outback.” A new official plot synopsis has floated our way that’s more revealing:

Four young friends on a camping adventure in outback Australia are run off the road by a mystery road train – a massive three-trailer truck. With their own 4×4 wrecked and the road train stopped, the friends march off to remonstrate with the driver.

But there is no one to be found!

Suddenly, the silence is broken by the sound of gunshots. A distant figure screams and runs towards them. Are they witnesses to a murder? There’s no time to discuss it. The friends commandeer the road train. The next town is only three hours away.

But the next town is somewhere they will never reach. What they discover inside the vehicle’s trailers proves more terrifying than anything out there on that lonely road.

Road Train comes to us from the same producers behind the nature-run-amok crocodile flick Black Water. Francis begins rolling cameras in February.