Update: Regarding that Jonah Hex “Photo”

Is Thomas Jane a gunslinger?

Update: It still doesn’t have any official connection with the upcoming film, but the photo was created by Thomas Jane for kicks. The full story is here!

This morning we woke up to a few e-mails directing us to Film School Rejects who reportedly sport a conceptual image of actor Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex.

Well, it’s a load of b.s. Cool, but fake.

Mark Neveldine, co-writer and director of the upcoming Warner Bros. film, just called to inform us he has no clue what that photo is or where it originated. What he is sure of is this: It’s not legit. Neveldine is currently in post-production on Crank 2 with his partner Brian Taylor. The pair recently completed a script for Hex which is based on the DC comic book.

Update: Regarding that Jonah Hex "Photo"