Outlander Int’l Poster, Stills

Vikings versus aliens epic

It’s been over a year since we spoke to producer Don Carmody (here) and got an update on the period sci-fi creature feature Outlander, starring Jim Caviezel. Not much has changed since then: The film is still unreleased on U.S. soil (The Weinstein Company is to thank for that) and the likelihood of it bowing overseas by the end of the summer is pretty darn good.

There is an encyclopedic website dedicated to all things Outlander, however. That spot keeps tabs on the latest possible distribution news and features a few reports from the Cannes Film Festival where the film played. (The Frightfest gang says, “there’s gore aplenty, the thrills are many and the CGI monster is pretty good too.”) It also hosts an impressive photo gallery.

Enjoy looking around the joint.

In Outlander, two aliens crash land on Earth – one good (Caveziel), one bad (created by Patrick Tatopoulos). Subsequently, their intergalactic battle disrupts the lives of a band of Vikings (played by John Hurt, Ron Perlman and Moonlight‘s Sophia Myles.

Below you’ll find the international one-sheet…

Source: Outlander Fan Site