Cronenberg in Talks for Timecrimes Remake

And who would Vigalondo like to see star?

Original Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo spoke recently to Blogdecine about his sharp lil’ time travel thriller and the American remake currently in the pipeline with Timothy Sexton scripting.

During his chat, the director revealed David Cronenberg (The Fly, History of Violence) is a contender to helm the redux.

He doesn’t go much further into detail, but Vigalondo expresses he would love to see either Kurt Russell or Bruce Willis in the leading role of a man caught in a time travel conundrum and goes back in time a half hour to prevent a crime. For the part of the scientist helping this dude along in his quest, Vigalondo says he is partial to Adam Brody (Jennifer’s Body).

It’s unknown how serious the talks are between the remake’s producers and Cronenberg or how far along they are if such talks exist.

Source: BlogdeCine