EXCL: Bat Out of Hell First Plot Details

McWeeny, Swan’s horror film at Parallel Zide

Variety reports producer Warren Zide (Final Destination 4) has formed a pact with Parallel Media to make eight pictures (two a year) in the $4 million-$15 million range. Films made in this partnership will be made under the Parallel Zide production banner.

First in line for development is a comedy entitled Demoted, following that, however, is the horror film Bat Out of Hell, scripted by Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan. The pair previously penned the Masters of Horror episodes Cigarette Burns and Pro-Life. They continue to dabble in the one-hour medium this summer in NBC’s Fear Itself (details).

What’s this blasted beast about? Variety offers no hints. has learned a few details about the nature of the script. Insiders tell us the story is set on a red eye flight from Los Angeles to New York and something lurking in the cargo hold has a certain group of passengers concerned. The plot is said to put a new spin on a classic monster and “master of horror” is circling the script (you don’t have to venture far to guess who it is based on the writers).

Warren Zide recently produced Adam Gierasch’s directorial debut Autopsy.

Source: Variety,