Now Devil’s Advocate is Being Groomed for Television

The Devil's Advocate television showThe Devil’s Advocate is one of many supernatural thrillers that came out of the late ’90s. And because it was born of a decade that comes with a particular stigma (one that posits the ’90s sucked for horror), it isn’t discussed all that much, but I think Taylor Hackford’s film is pretty solid.

Deadline is reporting today that the film might serve as a inspiration for a television series.

According to the site, NBC has ordered up a pilot from the film’s original producers John Wells and Arnold Kopelson. Matt Venne (Bag of Bones) is penning the script.

The film, which opened in 1997, starred Keaunu Reeves, Al Pacino, Charlize Theron, Jeffrey Jones and Craig T. Nelson.

Reeves played an up and coming hot shot lawyer whose boss (Pacino) is, well, the Devil. This comes with a lot of perks, but moral dilemmas as well.

  • Juan Asilo

    this film was made for tv, i mean a Law n Order hellish edition.
    who dont wanna get onboard to that.
    work for me.

  • theusher

    If that guy writes the screenplay count me out. Seriously, they couldn’t get anyone better other than the author of such direct-to-video ‘masterpieces’ as Mirrors 2, Fright Night 2 and the butchered version of Bag of Bones? Too bad because maybe this had some potential to be decent.