Exclusive Photo Gallery of Robert Englund’s Last Freddy Krueger Transformation

Freddy Final4Robert Kurtzman has supplied with a handful of photos from Robert Englund’s time in the makeup chair. Earlier this month, the actor took part in Flashback Weekend where he agreed to slip into Freddy Krueger’s skin one last time.

The last time he wore the makeup was for Freddy vs. Jason 11 years ago.

The photo gallery here goes step-by-step through the process as Kurtzman meticulously applies the prosthetics.

Once out of the chair, Englund greeted fans – wearing a Flashback tee and not the signature Freddy sweater – and participated in a series of photo opportunities fans paid nearly $400 (!) for. (The price tag sparked our own John Squires to pen this editorial.)

How do you think this makeup holds up against Englund’s previous Krueger incarnations?

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  • Dana Caldone


  • Killyoself Asap

    I still don’t understand why he cant just continue to play Freddy.Those studio dildos who insisted on remaking this character should have learned a lesson outta all of this. The lesson being that the remake bombed,no one is asking for a sequel, and englund IS Freddy.I know englund would play the character again if he was asked and thats all that fans of this series want, So why cant those morons make this happen?

  • Staz

    That’s badass

  • Juan Asilo

    hope is worth it.

  • Marcia Mattern

    As the photographer/videographer of this session, I can tell you that it was an amazing job by Robert Kurtman! The attention to detail was incredible.
    Having to spend hours with the talented Robert Kurtzman and enchanting Robert Englund was both a privilege and a thrill to witness history. Can you imagine being there when Boris Karloff put on his last makeup? Or when Lon Chaney did his last bit of movie magic he was so famous for?
    Robert Englund especially commented on the detail/direction of the scarring that Kurtzman incorporated, “as if the flames from the furnace” shot upward to create the burn scars, “love it”.

    • GrayFoxNULL

      This actually added much to the story! And you’re correct about the makeup job. One of the things I enjoy most about every time Englund dons the makeup is the little changes and nuances. It’s like he’s a blank canvas and he artists can make it their own. Just by looking at the scarring around his neck, you can almost see the flames wrapping around his face…excellent work. Great photography as well.

      • Marcia Mattern

        Thank you! Watch for more photos and videos to be released through Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps on Facebook!

  • Mason James Cole

    Hands down, the best Freddy sculpt since Yagher’s work in DREAM MASTER. It was all downhill after that–until now.