Exclusive: VOD Release Trailer & Poster for The Demon’s Rook

Tribeca FilmsReady for a look at a contemporary horror flick that channels 1980’s low budget creature feature fun? Shock is happy to bring you the trailer debut for The Demon’s Rook which Tribeca acquired out of the film festival circuit last year.

The film is going to be mad available on iTunes and VOD September 30th; this one is apropos for the Halloween season I think.

Genre newcomer James Sizemore directed the film. He co-penned the script with Akom Tidwell.

I recently caught his short film Goat Witch at the Fantasia International Film Festival and it maintains that Demon’s Rook vibe, so he’s definitely into that retro vibe that calls on copious amounts of practical FX and foam latex (no complaints here!).

In The Demon’s Rook: Chaos descends upon a quiet town when Roscoe, the pupil of a wizard monk from an ancient race of demons, unknowingly opens a portal that allows an unspeakable evil to travel freely into our world. When three grisly beasts cross into our dimension, the living are possessed and the dead rise to destroy everything in their path. Armed with demons’ magic, Roscoe is the only fighting chance to put an end to their eternal path of destruction.


Tribeca Films

  • Rat Fink



    No Edward Furlong?

  • disqus_h6j57slUC1

    Smooth McGroove?

  • Thorin Thompson

    This poster doesn’t do the film justice. I saw it in Atlanta and it was awesome! All practical effects! Look up the original poster which was painted by the Director or the Writer I can’t remember which.

  • by

    he looks like skeletor fro mfirst heman movie

    • Motion Fiction Media

      HA! I was thinking the same thing!

  • Zonnex

    Looks like a poster from the 80’s. Awesome!

  • Juan Asilo

    like the make up work, throwback to night of the demons

  • TheTwoJakes

    Looks like it was filmed in Full Moons glory days……looks fun! If it’s even close to more recent throwbacks like The Convent, Dead Hate the Living or even Dead & Breakfast it will put thats 80s smile on back my face.

  • Darrin Tyler

    that 80s style movie poster The white face looks like the live action Skeletor from Masters of The Universe film