Twilight Time Has a Killer October Blu-ray Line-Up

file_12182_0_ss-blob3The reps over at Twilight Time have given Shock the heads-up that it has a handful of new titles making their way to Blu-ray this October. Twilight Time is one of those specialty Blu-ray outfits that occasionally release very limited runs of some of your favorite titles (like, Fright Night for instance).

Coming October 14th, you can expect: Audrey RoseThe BelieversThe Blob and The Vanishing (’93).

The Blob is going to be limited to a run of 5,000 copies. Now, I’ll tell you exclusively here that there’s a plan to get Chuck Russell on board for a commentary. I’m going to be moderating it and we’ve got it on the schedule. I promise to make it cool and if Chuck brings to the table the stories he brought with him to our 35mm screening here in Los Angeles this summer, it should be pretty cool.

Admittedly, The Believers and The Vanishing are cool, but Audrey Rose has me excited.

For more information about Twilight Time and what they’ve got in their catalogue, head to their official site here.

  • Conrad DeWitt II

    When will The Blob be Available for Pre-order?

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