Truth is Stranger Than Fiction – A Look at 15 True Cases & the Films Inspired By Them

10A. Gustave_croc“Based on a true story.” “Based on actual events.” What does that even mean anymore? Really, what did it ever mean? So many films make that claim with absolutely no merit what so ever. It has been hard to tell whether or not there was actually an incident at all.

That being said, there are lots of films that actually come from history. Sometime real life is more disturbing than the fiction it creates.

I want to take a look at some of the most interesting cases and the films they helped inspire. Yes, spoilers abound. In the end, I’d like you be the judge on whether truth is more horrifying than fiction…

  • Eizzy IceBorne

    Dear Christopher Jimenez, dear editors . . . I advise you to change some importants in the case of Exorcism of Anneliese Michel. You should know that this case is very known here in Germany and in your article, you missed some very important things according to write about the true case.

    First of all, she didn`t fell any presence due her time of study. But therefore, she was very into catholic religion. For example visting the church more that four times a week. It is right, that her mind changed within the age of sixteen and epilepsy was diognosed. BUT her mind changed finally, when her parents refused to bring her to hospital and gave her the necessary medicine. Of course, this led to much further expressions of the symptoms of the illness. Like you could see in the first season of Hannibal. ;) She trusted her parents so much, that she told her studypartners not to call the ambulance, but the normal house-doctor. But this doctor was nothing but the local priest; just pretending to be a medical specialist. It was the first time the case came into an illegal zone.

    Of course you can imagine, that her symptoms became heavier and heavier and because of that, she had to leave the University. But again it were her parents who told her she was possessed by evil and devil and demons and stuff. As religious how Anneliese was, she believed her parents and worked herself up in this claim and had been much afraid, which again led to even stronger missbehavior of her.

    Finally her parents, who still refused to bring her to hospital, called a young priest named Ernst Alt, though doctors in Heidelberg told them more than one time that she suffers from an illness. The young priest was unsure, what to do, because he was party open minded. He then asked the bishop of Würzburg namend Josef Stangel what to do. Stangel himself called an older priest namend Renzl to invastigate the case and he came to the conclusion she was possessed by evil. thouh Anneliese`s parents told him about the medical opinion.
    He denied a medical source of suffering, convinced the parents for an exorcism and Josef Stangel allowed it.
    Within the process of exorcism she was chained to her bed and partly physically tortured in order to get rid of the demons. Her parents and the priests claimed later, she refused to eat during that time, and died finally after some months. But it much more likely that her parents didn`t gave her to eat by the order of the priests. But it wasn`t possible to prove that.An autopsy was made which recognized a tortured, pale and thin body. Proved she died because of the lack of food, but also had some further undiagnosed problems with her brain, which likely was also part of her illness.

    As the police learned about the process, they charged the priests and the parents with murder. Not with negligent Homocide, but murder. And they also had been sentenced for murder and failure to assist a person in danger.

  • Juan Asilo

    borderlands, hope ye guys dont come to MX, cause theres been cases. that wow ye been living in the dark ages, Beetween the virgen n death theres just prejudice. that last one was written for me.