Bruce Campbell to Headline Evil Dead TV Series

Bruce Campbell to Headline Evil Dead TV Series

It was revealed during the Screen Gems panel on Friday that Sam Raimi, his brother and Bruce Campbell are working on an Evil Dead television series. Tonight, Campbell posted a quick update on Twitter that offers some very welcome news to Evil Dead fans: Ash will be the star of the series. Check out Campbell’s response to a fan:

It’s currently unclear whether or not this series is targeted to replace Raimi’s previously announced plans for a big screen Army of Darkness sequel, but check back for updates as soon as they become available.

  • xcalibrate

    Hmmmmm, I’m having reservations already. I much prefer The Evil Dead to part II or Army of Darkness, although they are certainly fun, they are more slapstick and less horror than the original. I have a funny feeling that this could be more Xena and Hercules than Evil Dead or the pretty good remake.

    However, I hope that I am proven completely wrong as, conceptually it’s ripe for a deeper mythology that a TV series can bring to the material. Make it dark, scary with a sprinkling of black humour and we could have a winner.

    I’ll be watching anyway.

  • drakevonlee

    never happen