Comic-Con: Raul Esparza Explains His Return to Hannibal Season 3

raul-esparzaFans of Hannibal cheered yesterday afternoon when they learned Raul Esparza was returning to the series in season 3. The actor, who plays Dr. Chilton, was…


shot in the face in season two. Chilton – who was under suspicion for murder at the time he was shot – was never to be seen again on the show leading many fans to believe he was dead. But showrunner Bryan Fuller says that is not the case and that Chilton will, in fact, have a pretty significant part in season 3.

How so? What’s Chilton’s place in it all? I spoke with Esparza on the Hannibal press carpet to find out more.

Hannibal will return to NBC in 2015, focusing on the hunt for Hannibal Lecter who has fled to Europe.

For our chat with Bryan Fuller, click here.


  • Gabbi Cordero

    thank god. i kept telling myself from the moment his head got a hollow point that he’d be fine. i really started to worry that he actually had been killed when NO ONE on the show was mentioning him. i love this character and looks different from his “silence of the lambs” counterpart and yet something about this casting seemed equivalent with the film’s portrayal.

    • shanedem

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    • Derrick Hassert

      The voice is perfect–almost like an homage to Anthony Heald.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    cool. last season his character seemed the most real to me,and a great foil to Hannibal’s perfect designs,its cool how he’s selfish and casually lies,just like most a dark twist on the everyman trope

    • Derrick Hassert

      I loved that season 2 built him up into a real character–someone you could see being so callous to Lecter once he has him imprisoned. I was so angry when he was shot (and presumed dead). So happy he’s back and now has one more reason to want to see Lecter behind bars in his own prison. . .