10 Awesome Horror Movie Alternate Endings

CarrieOne of my favorite home video bonus features has always been alternate endings, which oftentimes offer up entirely different finales than the ones we experienced on the big screen.

Of course, most times there’s a good reason why those endings were changed, but every once in a while an alternate ending comes along that’s actually far better than the one that made it into the finished film.

Today here on Shock, we take a look at 10 of those alternate endings that were pretty damn awesome, in most cases completely changing the outcome of the movies they were at one point going to be tacked onto.Ultimately, none of this stuff is canonical, but it’s nevertheless fun to take a peek at what could’ve been!

  • Gabbi Cordero

    while a lot of the endings to these films got, i’m a bit rattled by all this “test audiences frowned”. i know that focus testing can play a big role, but it makes me wonder if we would’ve ever gotten the amazing ending to films like se7en (of course i say that unaware if that films ending was also played to screeners to gage audience reactions). still i do wonder if we have missed out on more impactful endings.

  • Mumm-Ra

    I’m glad they didn’t shoot that ending for Dawn of the Dead. I hated the ending to the original Night of the Living Dead..

  • John Squires

    Regarding the Carrie alt. ending; it’s just so crazy and weird that it’s hard not to love it!

    • Kirby4Ever

      I personally enjoyed the Carrie remake for what it was. Would’ve liked to see Kim Peirce take some more creative liberty and try some new concepts, but the performances were pretty good!
      If you look really REALLY closely in the alternate ending to Carrie, there is another shot that lasts a millisecond where Sue wakes up from her dream and sees a bloody Carrie, standing in front of her in her bedroom, cradling her baby. It looks SO creepy and I’m disappointed they didn’t hold on the shot longer. It’s very effective!