The Ouija Trailer Finally Makes Its Online Premiere

ouija posterOut of all of the places for the Ouija trailer debut, I didn’t expect it to premiere on the Facebook page for Pretty Little Liars. Alas, that’s where it hit and you can watch it here at Shock now. I guess we now know what audience they’re going after.

The film is the latest production from Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes. Stiles White directs and Olivia Cooke, Shelley Hennig, Douglas Smith, Bianca Santos and Daren Kagasoff star. They play group of friends use a Ouija board in an attempt to contact a deceased friend, but only open a door to a malevolent force instead.

The film is slated for an October 24th release.


  • Dustin

    It may just be me, but this feels like it has over-the-top Hammer vibes to it. And, given that I thought “The Quiet Ones” was just silly fun, I actually am kind of looking forward to this one. Plus, the fact that it’s Blumhouse helps also.

  • PMD2

    Wow it looks terrible. Horror for pre-teens. And isn’t it coming out like 10-15 years too late? It’s got a very 2000-ish vibe to it. Stale.

    • Frank Bautista

      That’s something I picked up from that trailer too, it has a very 00s teen horror look and feel to it, which during that decade, I completely LOATHED. A lot of those movies were PG-13, though some actually pushed their way to R, but regardless, it was still really watered down tripe that was chock full of jumpscares you not only saw a mile away, were very “by the book”. This trailer feels like that(basically very jump moment is predictable). Urgh, I had hoped the industry stopped making movie like this(because the trend died down). Some stragglers are obviously trying to hold onto that trend.

  • Kevin Hernandez Orth

    This looks awesome !!!

  • Juan Asilo

    i m sticking with that 80’s horror suspense film.
    i think is call witchcraft

  • Calum Sanderson

    Looks like great fun