[Gallery] Great Horror Showdowns by Scott C – Guess the Films!

Gallery 1988 welcomed the return of artist Scott C over the weekend for “Revenge of the Great Showdowns.” This art show is running now through August 2nd at Gallery 1988: West. I had a chance to swing by to check it out and was surprised by how many “horror showdowns” Scott C depicted. They’re pretty ¬†amusing. I’ve compiled a series of 24 pics in the gallery here. Can you guess the films Scott C is drawing inspiration from? Use our comment boards below and enjoy!

  • K. Lee Adams

    Ok, some of these I don’t know so I’m gonna leave those with a question mark.

    1. The Devil’s Backbone
    2. Death Proof
    3. ?
    4. The Wicker Man
    5. The Host
    6. Scream
    7. Predator
    8. Ju-On
    9. Ghostbusters
    10. The Twilight Zone
    11. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
    12. Sweeney Todd
    13. The Hills Have Eyes
    14. Evil Dead 2
    15. Paranorman
    16. Ghostbusters 2
    17. The Orphanage
    18. Pumpkinhead
    19. Pacific Rim
    20. ?
    21. Hellraiser
    22. Dead Alive
    23. ?
    24. Child’s Play

    • drakevonlee

      23 the stuff

      • K. Lee Adams

        Thank you. I’ve never heard of that one before. I’ll have to check it out.