The 10 Best Horror Remakes of the Last 10 Years

Hills have eyeAh, remakes. The mere mention of that word often sends horror fans running for the hills, as there’s nothing we hate quite as much as our favorite classics being messed with.

Well, there’s nothing most of us hate quite as much as that, at least.

The fact of the matter is that there are just as many good remakes as there are bad ones, the same way that there are just as many bad original horror movies as there are good original ones. It’s for this reason that it’s fairly ridiculous to write off all remakes simply because they’re based on movies from the past, as doing so excludes gems like The Fly and The Thing from the Top 10 lists that they most definitely belong high atop.

But what about remakes that have come out much more recently than those two shining examples of how good a remake can be, in the right hands? That’s what we’re here to discuss today on Shock, as a sort of follow-up to my recent piece on the 10 best horror sequels of the past decade.

As always, keep in mind that these choices merely represent my personal favorites, so if you disagree, drop the hate and let’s have a healthy discussion in the comments section!Onto the list, in no particular order…

  • Matt Thompson

    FRIDAY THE 13TH 2009 is hopelessly dull — that’s why people don’t like it. It gets Jason completely right and wastes him on an overlong flick that’s neither fun nor scary.

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  • J Jett

    John Squires, great list! every movie you picked i love (or like a LOT!). i definitely agree with your view on Bousman’s MOTHER DAY. it was VERY good and i say that as someone who, for the most part, really doesn’t like home invasion flicks.

    and i too very much enjoyed the F13 reboot/remake. of course it could have been a better (the kills were decent but there was just something lacking with them, etc.) but it was still good! i wonder if some of those who didn’t like it are younger and therefore are only used to slow “zombie” Jason instead of this movie’s (FAR BETTER) running, fast, brutal, ALIVE Jason. lol.

    i’ve always hated zombie Jason and only love F13’s 1-5 (part 5 was still gory, sleazy, fun and had great creepy/F13 atmosphere!). Derek Mears was perfection as 2009’s Jason and i hope he returns to play the role in the upcoming F13 movie.

    • John Squires

      I too have always preferred the more human depictions of Jason. Kane Hodder was an awesome Jason, no denying it, but my favorites are all the ones he wasn’t in. Go figure!

  • Zack Bishop

    Evil Dead was a reboot… Not a remake. There’s a bit of a difference. Many reboots carry characteristics of originals. But its still different.

    And to say the Hills Have Eyes remake is superior… Get real. Lol

    • RTurek

      Reboot. Remake. Semantics. Evil Dead ’13 qualifies as a remake.

      • John Squires

        Yea I never bought into the difference between ‘remake,’ ‘reboot,’ and ‘reimagining.’ It’s all the same thing, just different words.

  • Mikey

    The Friday the 13th remake didn’t work for me at all. I thought the characters and story were so incredibly uninteresting. And the way they handled Mrs. Voorhees so offhandedly during the opening credits felt almost disrespectful. That’s certainly no way to treat the lady who started it all!

  • Dibal

    A pretty good list. Except that Friday the 13th is largely awful and as dull as dish water but, and people are going to scream at me here, the original wasn’t as great as people think it was so it didn’t surprise me that the remake failed to live up even to that. Much rather The Texas Chainsaw remake.

    My Bloody Valentine is bloody terrible and you should have a very good shower for even suggesting it, and the House of Wax was also far too poor for a top 50 list never mind a top 10.

    Oh Hum. Fail

    • James

      the Friday remake feels like a remake of parts 3 and 4, with a dash of the first two in the beginning.

    • Mike Keith

      Ya, but your not american, so your opinion on american horror cinema doesn’t count. UK and other countries have WAY different ideas on horror, because I have seen some of the UK/Irish horror movies that have come out in the last 10 years, and not that they are all bad, but they are certainly very different than what we are making. It is just a completely different culture. Don’t get me started on your comedy movies, because most of them go right over my head, mostly due to the content being about things that are current to your respective countries, and come on, you guys even have different words for most of the everyday objects that humans use. It makes that had to watch for U.S. viewers. Most of the time I even have to put on the subtitles during a first time viewing of a UK movie. Something like the fantastic ‘Attack the Block’, which I believe was made by a UK comedy writer, but those kids might as well have been speaking Klingon for all I know since I couldn’t understand a damn thing they were saying, so on came the subtitles. Once I watched it the first time, all later viewings afterwards(which I must have seen it 3 times in the first weekend it was that good) I could keep the subtitles turned off since I knew what they were saying now.
      I am just making a point that someone that lives in a different culture really can’t come here and proclaim that a certain movie is crap, and that is that. You would come off like less of an a-hole by saying, In My opinion, such and such movie really sucks.

      • Dibal

        Mike, you took all that time to type that? Why? Why on earth waste your time responding? Seriously? Oh well, never mind sunshine. Obviously any comment made is the opinion of the person making the comment. I didn’t realise that I needed to denote “My opinion” for the sole value of yourself. In future I’ll take special care and attention to do it just for you sweetheart. As for your rant re: UK cinema…erm no idea where you are coming from with that but…this is a special one for you Mike…here goes…here it comes…wait for it…in my opinion…did you get that…In My Opinion…you are probably right. I don’t really know as I generally don’t watch much UK material as it’s usually crap. In my opinion, Mike. If that’s okay? Mike. I do hope that it is. Okay, I mean. Please cry me another river if it isn’t and place your response in my “I don’t truly care what you think” box and I’ll read it later. Maybe. Probably not. Thanks Bro. (can i say bro? I mean, I’m english. shouldn’t I come out with wanker or something?)

  • drakevonlee

    my bloody valentine easily over waxworks come on. friday the 13th was a sad remake

    • J Jett

      drakevonlee, WAXWORKS was a remake?

      • James

        I would love to see a remake of waxwork.

      • drakevonlee

        original was 1924 i think then there was one in 1988 and ww2 in 92 then i thinks theres another remake

  • retarded brilliance

    Good list agree with 10 of 11 as I have not seen the dawn of the dead because I am not into zombie movies cuz they are all the same.

  • Steve

    I don’t like the Friday the 13th remake because it’s filled with a bunch of boring characters that promptly get killed off, then a new bunch of boring characters come in. Repeat.

    I’d add the Fright Night remake. I quite like that one.

    • K. Lee Adams

      Me, too. I’d take off We Are What We are (I haven’t seen it) and put the Fright Night remake in it’s place. And as fun as Piranha is it’s not one of my favorites so I’d take it off the list and stick the 2003 Texas Chainsaw remake in its place.

      • John Squires

        Chainsaw would’ve made the list, for sure, but that came out 11 years ago. Disqualified! =/

        • James

          Which is too bad because that was incredible. Texas, hills and maniac were all remakes that surpassed the original in my opinion.

      • Steve

        Having seen both versions of We Are What We Are, I can say the remake is far superior to the mediocre original and definitely deserves a place on the list. Well worth a watch.

        • K. Lee Adams

          Cool. I appreciate the feedback. I’ll have to check out both the original and the remake.

  • James

    Excellent list. Personally the only one I didn’t like was Pirannah 3D. But that’s just me.

    Glad to see Friday the 13th get the recognition it deserves!

  • Nebular

    Where the heck is “Let Me In”.??? It should have topped this list with ease!

    • John Squires

      My issue with Let Me In is that it’s just too similar to the original, though it is indeed a great movie. I tend to applaud the remakes that go in a different direction, rather than the ones that don’t bring much new to the table. That said, it was a close call, and it almost did make the cut!

  • Progist7001

    Rob Zombie’s Halloween?

    • John Squires

      Not a big fan, personally. Much better than his Halloween 2, but meh. Never much cared for it.

      • James Wayland

        I liked it more than you did, but your comment begs the question: are there horror films that aren’t much better than his Halloween 2?

  • Steve King

    I’ll echo the Friday the 13th sentiments. I think its greatest sin isn’t so much that its a bad movie but that its such a missed opportunity. I feel like in some respects they were trying to give the fans a movie that they thought they wanted and missed out on what could have been a really fantastic new take on the series. I can’t help but wonder what the movie would have been had someone like a Tarantino or Rodriguez were in charge of it. I realize that’s pie in the sky but there was so much wasted potential there. When it comes to remakes, compared to either say Evil Dead or Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th is really lackluster.

  • Grindhouse Daikaiju

    Solid picks, I’d sub some out for living dead 90 and invaders from mars.

  • Zack Long

    I would agree with most of this list. I didn’t much care for the House Of Wax remake, I found it to be lacking anything resembling logic.
    I also found the change in We Are What We Are from the main children being male to being female to be an unnecessary move intended to grab more interest. Also the locations of the first film served to alienate the story further from the everyday, which, to me, made it even better.

    Otherwise, great list!

  • James Wayland

    I know I’m probably the odd man out here, but I would definitely substitute The Crazies for a few of these choices. House of Wax or the Friday the 13th reboot would be the first two candidates for replacements. Having said that, it was a solid list.
    Bonus Points: the new Evil Dead was the remake I was the most skeptical of and it was also my personal favorite.

  • Kenneth K

    There are several glaring omissions from this list and several that should never be discussed. Carrie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Crazies I would consider better remakes than several on this list. House of Wax, Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine were all just horrible scripted, acted and directed. Nothing redeeming about any of those movies. That being said, I think my biggest issue is the title of the article. The “Best” is pretty subjective. Everyone has their own view on the best. Now if the article wad “favorite” remakes, I think I would not be as annoyed with the choices made.

    • michaelmyers

      they are the best. in the author’s opinion. which he is entitled to have.

  • John Squires

    The problem is that it’s such a silly and unrealistic scene, with throws the realistic tone of the film right out the window. An awesome scene in a sillier movie, for sure. But it just didn’t work in Last House.