Check Out This Crazy Nearly 4-Minute Clip from The Purge: Anarchy!


Shock Till You Drop has landed an explosive, exclusive first-look clip from The Purge: Anarchy, opening July 18th from Universal. This is a shockingly long preview (3.5 minutes) featuring all of the key players of the film, including Frank Grillo who plays a man who uses the night of "The Purge" to exact revenge. His plan hits a bit of a hiccup when he encounters a mother and daughter in need of help; as you'll see in this clip, he makes a pretty big, dangerous decision.

The man in the truck is "Big Daddy" and he's played by character actor Jack Conley (L.A. ConfidentialFast & Furious). Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez, Zoe Soul, Justina Machado and John Beasley also star.

As we get closer to the film's release date, we'll have interviews with the cast and crew. And don't forget, The Purge: Breakout is touring the country – click here for more details!

  • Juan Asilo

    man hope this film is better than the 1st.
    grace from beyond the trailer define it good,
    this is sort of a punisher film.

  • David B Dornburg

    That guy in the truck sure looks like Arnold from the side.

    • RTurek

      I thought he looked like Kevin Bacon in the banner I used above the article.

      • David B Dornburg

        Yeah… I see that also.

    • K. Lee Adams

      Dude, it totally does!

  • K. Lee Adams

    A nearly 4 minute clip that’s better than all 86 minutes of the first film. I was so excited for The Purge and then the movie was a total drag (no offense to anyone, including Ryan, I know you and Clarke like it). But this one seems to be totally what I wanted from the first one. As I’ve said about a million times today, only time will tell. But I’m stoked. Can’t wait for the 18th!

  • Katherine Canipe

    Wow, it looks like a straight up action film! This clip is pretty heart pounding – I’m excited!

  • Purged

    Sooo I fucking loved this movie! New the first one had potential, glad they capitalised! What I love even more is the song remix of it! Huge!!!