Rank ‘Em! The Many Faces of Chucky from Best to Worst!

chuckyEveryone’s favorite homicidal-doll-possessed-by-the-spirit-of-a-dead-serial-killer, Chucky, kind of pulled a Freddy Krueger over the various Child’s Play installments.

When he was introduced in 1988, Chucky was mainly all-business and meant to frighten viewers. As the sequels piled up, so did the one-liners, and at a certain point it didn’t seem like Chucky was intended to be scary anymore. Those entries are easier to enjoy if one presumes they are watching a dark comedy as opposed to a horror movie.

Eventually Chucky did return to his roots, but only after surviving sequels that, while not terrible movies, severely diminished his status as a horror icon capable of instilling fear in viewers. Here is my personal ranking of the Chucky's representation on the big (and small) screen.


  • MrX13

    Best to Worst in my opinion:

    Childs Play 2
    Childs Play
    Curse of Chucky
    Childs Play 3
    Bride of Chucky
    Seed of Chucky

  • Craze38

    Child’s Play
    Curse of Chucky
    Child’s Play 2
    Child’s Play 3 (meh)
    Didn’t like Bride or Seed.

  • Mumm-Ra

    I remember watching Child’s Play as a kid with a friend of mine.My friend was scared $hitless of his My Buddy doll after that.

  • M M

    Child’s Play 2 is the best look for sure and the most fun. seed of chucky was hands down the worst the entire series.

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      what about the army one? Don’t get me wrong,Seed is underwhelming and bad but at least it resembled what we have come to expect from Chucky.

      Chucky has the rare benefit of not only keeping the same actor but also the same writer throughout the series. I wonder if Don Mancini got a ghost writer for 3

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  • Sarah

    I think the animatronics are amazing in Bride of Chucky. The range of facial expressions is pretty much just as good as having a live actor.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    the real ranking would be ranking the original movie of each franchise we’ve ranked so far against each other.
    Thats the equivalent of chumming the comments section,riots on the streets
    I have a hard time ranking them myself even so the discussion will be cool.
    I gotta watch Child’s Play 2 again to participate in this one