Gremlins On the Loose in This Reunion Photo Shoot

Gremlins Empire photo shoot

Gremlins celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and Empire magazine is celebrating with a fun little reunion featuring a lot of the key players. They posted the reunion pic you see above and chatted with the likes of director Joe Dante, actors Zach Galligan and FX artists Chris Walas and Rick Baker.

While Empire's site only teases the interview – which you can find in the latest issue – there is plenty of gold to be found. Regarding the FX, Dante says, "First we talked about stop-motion. Then realised we'd still be shooting if we did that. And at one point someone — I hope it wasn't me — suggested we try monkeys in Gremlin suits."

He also throws a mention to his Creature from the Black Lagoon 3D remake which is just one chapter of that film's vicious development cycle.

If you're heading to newsstands, look for the latest issue of Empire which features Guardians of the Galaxy on the cover!

  • Armando Pina

    No Phoebe Cates? :(? Other than that, sweet pic.

  • Liveofnos

    “Oh god please don’t mention reunions. I hate reunions. When I was tweleve my mother and I went to a family renunion. I was playing with one of my cousins Abe. Who looked a lot like John Wilkes Boothe. We had strayed off into the woods from the rest of the family. Somewhere in the distance we heard whimpering. We followed it expecting it to be a wounded cat or a bird…instead it was my mother. Being raped by Santa Claus. And thats why I dont got to reunions.”