We Might Be Waiting a While for Godzilla 2, Edwards Boards Star Wars Film

godzillaboxofficesocialsGodzilla director Gareth Edwards just made a huge career move: He has signed on to direct a Star Wars spin-off film that is going to be due out in late-2016. The move prompted Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures to issue a very nice statement:

“Gareth's filmmaking talent makes him one of his generation's most creative and visionary directors,” said Tull. “The plan has always been for Gareth to direct a different film before we started on another Godzilla, but who knew it would a Star Wars installment? We have a great plan in store for Godzilla fans and I am looking forward to seeing Gareth’s imprint on the Star Wars universe.”

So, let's dissect this, shall we? Tull said Edwards was always going to do another film before embarking on Godzilla 2. The director is going to be pretty tied up with Star Wars from now through 2016, so that means Godzilla 2 won't come up until well after then. I can't imagine he'd have the time to shoot anything for a summer 2017 bow. Are we now looking at 2018 for a Godzilla sequel? Perhaps.

THR added today that Edwards is on board for a Godzilla trilogy. By the time it plays out, I'll be in a retirement community.

  • Kevin Hernandez Orth

    More star wars sooo boring of this crap.

  • Juan Asilo

    hey that awesome, i wonder if gonna be han or the yoda flick.

    • Billy Bob Throrton


      • Rick_McRockock

        Salacious Crumb

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    I would look to Nolan’s schedule(or IMDB) during the TDK trilogy.
    He did Prestige and Inception in between films of the trilogy and its not like Edwards is doing the star wars trilogy,he’s doing one stand alone film.

    I was kind of hoping more name directors would take on Star Wars now that George Lucas set it free,and the spin offs free up the need to adhere to the visual and writing style of the trilogies.

    This is SHOCK so i can finally say this: I want a Mad Wookie movie,with a Wookie tearing a Storm Trooper limb from limb on the movie poster.

    • Rick_McRockock

      I want to see a romantic comedy stariing Seth Rogan and Sandra Bullock in fur suits as two seemingly incompatible wookies who find out they were meant for each other all along. With Melissa McCarthy as the best friend Jeni The Hutt.

  • Craitar

    I rather see godzilla 2 then star wars 156th adventure :p (yes I am exaggerating. But that’s what I do to make my point)
    There are so many books and games and tv series and such so it feels like I can go without more :P sure I will watch the 7th at least to see what it is about. but not the spinoff. from what I have heard at least they are about the least interesting characters :p (I heard solo and another I forgot the name of) but I am not looking forward to the new starwars movies. I felt they kind of finished things good in the sixth one that finished a good story that stretched 6 movies. (sure the second, third and 5th and 6th was the best of them) they don’t really need to do more. sure if they hade only done between 1-3 movies in total.
    But hey, I will admit that the 7th is good IF it is good. :) but I rather see godzilla. there has only been 2 american godzillas. sure the new is much better then the 98 version and I am one of those that liked the old one. :p sure it wasn’t perfect and the series that followed was better then the feature film it was based on, but still.
    I wouldn’t mind if they used the creature of Godzilla in the 98 one and and just renaming him, like many suggest would make them easier to accept him, and use him in a newer movie, not as a joke but as a serious creature, it could only be in the background but they could have him and just clame he was a MUCH later evolution of godzilla that shrunk as creatures became smaller and eventually become dinos and then the creatures that exist today :p just a fun idea :) and idea to turn hate to good and make those that actually liked the 98 version happy :p but they should use the version that the series had, where he had a version of atomic breath and was stronger and more agile in combat :)

    Sorry for the long comment but i wanted to speak my mind well on both parts :p