Nicolas Winding Refn Circling Elisa Lam-Inspired Horror Film

nicolas_winding_refn_34482​Okay, so I'll own up to making fun of The Bringing for its ludicrous title. And I still think it's silly and an opportunistic cash-in to draw similarities to The Conjuring (and every other horror film that looks like The ___ing). What follows, however, is a pretty damn cool update.

Deadline is reporting that Nicolas Winding Refn is in talks with Sony to direct The Bringing. The script, written by Brandon and Phillip Murphy, was written on spec and the subject of a bidding war earlier this year.

It's inspired by the Elisa Lam case in which the young woman was found dead in a water tower perched on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Video surveillance (seen below) showed her acting strangely the night she died. The video went viral and it's anyone's guess as to what happened to her because there was no sign of foul play involved.

I'd love to see a Refn-directed horror film. He's given us some pretty great movies: BronsonValhalla RisingDrive and Only God Forgives. He's also attached to produce a remake of Maniac Cop.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    the guy’s a true director’s director,my favorite up and comer,he’ll make a great horror movie.
    too bad it has to be the overexposed supernatural genre though

    Maybe he’ll actually make supernatual movies scary. From where I’m standing it’s the easiest subgenre to be not be affected by. Maybe it’s mediocre writing and direction but I think the screen takes alot out of hauntings.
    I’m sure it’s scary to the in-movie characters to see a ghost but when it hits the fourth wall it loses alot of effectiveness.
    Like if you saw somebody get they’re head chopped off with an axe in person,it would the scariest moment of your life and you’d never forget it,but you see it in a movie and you might not even remember it hours later.

    Then again most supernatural films have the horror sensibilities as my 45 year old neighbor when he puts up Halloween decorations ever year.
    Look-it’s a ghost floating and the music got loud for a second!

  • K. Lee Adams

    Loved Bronson and Drive so this is terrific news. I still think that title sucks, though.