Trailer Debut: The ’80s Are Back in the Slasher Film Lost After Dark

Lost After DarkThe indie film scene continues to embrace the '80s with the latest horror film entry Lost After Dark. I say that because it appears, lately, we've been getting word on a variety of indie projects that claim to embrace the fun of '80s horror. This film, directed by Ian Kessner and featuring Robert Patrick, is actually set in the '80s (1984 to be precise) and we've got a look at the sales poster and trailer, courtesy of Raven Banner Entertainment. The sales outfit is looking for distribution at Cannes. I dig that Alone in the Dark-inspired poster.

Lost After Dark follows a group of teenagers who sneak out of a high school dance, and head out to party at a friend’s cabin. Along the way their ride breaks down, stranding them near an abandoned farmhouse. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, their quest for help becomes one of survival. Lost After Dark pays tribute to iconic horror classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Its unique selling point is that the story is a homage told in a retro style that takes audiences back to 1984, when the slasher film ruled the box office.

  • Dustin

    Looks like a lot of fun with its 80s throwback. But that poster…just so artistic and vicious and gorgeous to look at…I will be hunting it down…you know…like the killer in the movie…but minus the bloodshed and such…

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    what a lie.
    this isn’t filmed in the style of an 80’s slasher.
    sans a few moments this trailer is filmed in the style of every 2000s direct to dvd horror movie I’ve ever seen.

    • Bo Ransdell

      As the film’s writer, I would urge you to give it a shot. We really do spend time on the characters, but that’s hard to convey in a 90-second trailer. Hope you give it a chance!

      • kathleenbeck

        Not to give too much away, but am I right in thinking Robert Patrick is the killer?

        • Bo Ransdell

          Not to give too much away, but nope!

  • K. Lee Adams

    Dig the poster a lot. The trailer, not so much. But being a slasher obsessive I’d watch it.

  • Juan Asilo

    well the trailer is very slashi, but hey the poster represent.

  • Kevin Hernandez Orth

    Totaly 80’s slasher

  • Motion Fiction Media

    Looks pretty cool

  • bernie


    • Bo Ransdell

      We only had a budget of about a $1.5 million. I assure you, it all went on the screen. And I think you might find it has more to say than a typical slasher. Hope you give it a shot!