A Look at the Alternate Concept Designs for the Godzilla!

Godzilla full"Godzilla: The Art of Destruction" is now in book stores and available to purchase online.

This awesome tome looks at the making of Gareth Edwards' film hitting theaters this Friday and, within, you'll find an exhaustive look the production process by way of on-set photography, storyboards and, best of call, concept art.

There's a centerpiece spread that you have to fold out that contains various designs for Godzilla himself. The concept pieces come with a commentary by Edwards, who explains what worked and what didn't. You can find five of these "alternate" designs here. Fascinating stuff, and this isn't all of them.

You can read our review of Godzilla here. And definitely pick up this book!






  • Pengroves

    They made the right choice.

  • Tom Giddens

    They definitely made the right choice.

  • Shane Walker

    Pretty cool concepts, but I’m glad they went with what they did.

  • by

    fourth one looks better

  • Juan Asilo

    4 could posibility could ve been better.

  • Michael Alan

    Shrink the neck just a little bit on the first one, and it would have been great. Much better than the one they went with.