Nat Wolff is Having a Part Written Just for Him in The Stand

file_175749_0_standJosh Boone, the latest director attached to a big screen adaptation of The Stand, tells The Hollywood Reporter that he's writing a part into the film for actor Nat Wolff, which makes this the first bit of casting news regarding the Warner Bros./CBS Films production.

Boone and Wolff just worked together on The Fault in Our Stars which hits theaters in June.

Boone didn't elaborate as to which role Wolff will play in The Stand, a sprawling tale that takes place in the U.S. after a virus wipes out a good chunk of our population.

Mick Garris adapted the epic novel in the '90s with a made-for-TV mini-series. Boone jumped on board The Stand in February.

This may not be the only King adaptation Boone directs. THR adds that the author gave him permission to take on Lisey's Story as well.

  • naturallybornbad

    There are so many characters in the book, do you really need to write an original one? Can’t you just do justice to the characters you are given first?

    • Matt Aaron Harper

      It doesn’t say that it’s not a character from the book, just that he’ll be tweaking the script so that a part fits Wolff. There are a lot of juicy minor roles in this thing if they do it right.

  • Matt Aaron Harper

    The one thing Boone undeniably has going for him is that he really is a hardcore Stephen King fan, which keeps my interest alive. Though Mick Garris seems to be a fan, too, and look how that keeps turning out over and over and over again.

  • MrX13

    It looks like he could be playing the role of Harold but I don’t know