Editorial: Can We Talk About What You Expect from Halloween 3?

HALLOWEEN3Renewed buzz for Halloween 3 lit up across the Internet like a string of pumpkin lights last week. And although headlines regarding the long-mooted threequel have simmered down a little – making me think that perhaps all of those rumblings last week were a bit premature – the fan chatter across comments boards and social media has reached a deafening pitch as Myers disciples duke it out about what Halloween 3 (Or 3D? Are we still thinking it'll be 3D?) should be.

There are those who eagerly await the return of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode from Rob Zombie's storyline. Meanwhile, other fans want to see a new narrative thread begin, keeping Michael (of course), but ditching Zombie's films and reimagined famous final girl – essentially, you're asking for a reboot, folks (not a remake but a reboot). I haven't read any requests for a direct sequel to Halloween: Resurrection, but I'm sure there are a few sickos out there hoping for that.

All of this debate about the right and wrong way to approach Halloween 3 comes seemingly without the slightest bit of irony that we're talking about a series that took a major detour, steered back on course (if that's what you can consider it), introduced a cult, veered off course again to align itself with the first two films, then gave us one of the worst slasher films of all time, then introduced a remake which subsequently propelled audiences into bizarro sequel territory with white horses 'n shit (which I actually don't mind, nor does one of our contributors).

When it comes to the Halloween series, I lay no expectations on the table because it seems "anything goes." Prequel? Sequel? Remake? Follow-up to Halloween III: Season of the Witch? Who knows?! I'm actually more fascinated by the Halloween fandom at this point than the films and the franchise's future. I should note that it also appears that whatever approach the producers take, there will be no happiness felt throughout the land when their approach is revealed since there are so many varied – and strongly expressed – expectations out there.

But I ask you, Shock readers: What do you expect?

  • Super saiyan uchiha


  • Polite_Werewolf

    I’d actually like to see the series go into a completely new direction, with the only remaining content being Michael himself. Where that direction goes, don’t ask me. I just think that the series is growing a little stale. I wouldn’t be against seeing a return of some of the supernatural elements seen later in the original series, as well as Halloween III. It would shake things up a bit, which is what this series needs.

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      “6 more days til Halloween,Halloween,Halloween.” could be the cover song of our time.

  • Frank Fox

    I think it should be a reboot. An alternative story without/before Laurie.

  • Dustin

    I wouldn’t necessarily mind a reboot as Zombie’s films, which I enjoy to a degree, have kind of cornered themselves story wise, yet what I want more than a reboot or a sequel is a straight up standalone story in the veins of “Friday the 13th” in terms of having no prior connection with characters other than Michael himself and bring back the mood and suspense of the original film (3D or not, I don’t care; but if you light the film just right and play with shadows and atmosphere, it could look incredible in 3D. Just saying). Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want another formulated Michael vs. Laurie tale. Not yet, at least. Just give me Michael Myers back in his original glory: have him become the silent predator again, who could blend in with the shadows and be virtually anywhere. Have a bunch of kids throw a party in the old Myers home, then follow them off in their own directions as Michael stalks them one by one on Halloween night. It’s a silly idea, I know, but I’m just throwing it out there by pure example of what I mean.

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      so “be generic” is your advice?
      uninspired ideas like that are why bad slasher movies exist

      • Dustin

        Well I just threw out the first idea that came to my head even though I knew it sounded ridiculous. But I mean a standalone story would probably be easier to swallow than a direct Zombie sequel or a reboot altogether.

        • Billy Bob Throrton

          thanks.u liked the Friday the 13th remake,huh? Is that what ur idea was sort of going for?
          I thought it was a solid,fun Friday the 13th that didn’t need to reinvent the wheel,and that it’s strengths.bigger picture parts like rushing through Mrs.Vorhees barely connected for me.
          Michael needs to kill sleek with little gore(like every screenshot of him in 78)or else he’s a Jason who kills in a more tame way. like hes been in every sequel.

          • Dustin

            I am a huge fan of the “Friday the 13th” remake, but do I think the new “Halloween” needs to be like it in terms of gore? No. But each “Friday the 13th” film essentially stands as its own story with little or no connection to the prior films and I’m saying that’s what the new “Halloween” film needs. And I agree with you that Michael- or the new “Halloween” film in general -needs to focus less on gore and more on mood and atmosphere, as I stated in my original post above.

  • ChameleonX

    I don’t really mind either way, but please just don’t take him into space.

    • Hans

      …or the Hood.

  • Mr. Business

    Michael is alive and well. Laurie killed herself. michael does a little soul searching by killing as many people as possible. simple story. THE END.

  • Brett Strohl

    I’m just happy they’re doing another film. As long as the people involved genuinely care about what they’re doing and aren’t making this as a cheap cash-in, it would be really hard for me to complain about what direction they take it in.

  • Hans

    Make Michael go after Dr. Loomis’ family. Not Sam. Just his family.

  • Juan Asilo

    well here what i comment on this,
    i think the series should star a reboot into modern time,
    cause, it would be perfect to fit
    especially with the social media, and all.

  • Chris Farmer

    I say a good sequel to wrap up the original series. No sequel is needed for rz films. If its a reboot then im all for it. I look at reboots as like you would see for a new comic series.

  • mozza1974

    Lets be honest, we would ALL love a true remake/trilogy or story arc over a couple of films revisiting the Mark/Cult of Thorn storyline. FFS the Producers? cut is still like whispered about by true Halloween officianadoes right?

  • thefraze

    I expect this to be as rushed and half-assed as Texas Chainsaw 3D… I’d rather see Michael Myers in Space (or the Hood) than yet another standard “stalking the teenagers of Haddonfield” reboot/prequel/remake/whatever

  • Kori Batchelor

    I just want Michael to be scary again.

  • 209SINS

    It would be amazing if they did a prequel surrounding what happened at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium (aka
    Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium). Possibly reflecting back to The Year of the Thorn theme in H-6. They could bring in Micheal Myers as a child and show the atrocities of pharmacology and general psychology. I have been entertaining and writing on this topic for a while now.

    • Moon Knight

      That could actually be a good tv show, where they focus on the doctors and other patients, but Michael is always this catatonic patient in the background. The doctors talk about him and every once in a while you see him.

      • 209SINS

        They way it has been plotting around in my head was to be a 7 or 8 episode miniseries.

        • Moon Knight

          Would he ever get to do much, or would he just be this ominous presence?

          Would Loomis be a character?

          • 209SINS

            A young Loomis would be a major character…seeing as he would be the only uncountable figure in the hospital.Micheal Myers would be ominous for a bit and then end up becoming the main focus/experiment. I would like to do it from his particular reference.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    I would go for a more high class neo-hitchcock style.With an emphasis on cinematography(moreso than even the original,to levels comparable to that old Haunting movie),a slasher film you can drink wine to. I always felt Halloween(1978) was more well thought out,classy and much more film than movie in a way completely unique from all other slasher movies. And that the people who made the sequels never picked up on that. So Michael became average,he lost what set him apart.

  • H20

    See him go after Laurie’s son from H20. New story line…

  • Colin

    How about a three-part anthology? (C’mon, Trick ‘r Treat didn’t invent the holiday or anthologies, and wouldn’t exist without the original Halloween). Yeah, they’ve never been big box office, but this could be an exception. One segment could be a standalone, back-to-basics Myers story that emulates the direction and atmosphere of the original. Another can be set in the Season of the Witch universe (directed by Bryan Fuller), and a third can be something entirely new.

    • caustin1973

      Hmmmm….continue, Colin…

  • Natalie

    I think halloween 3 should do what Texas chainsaw 3D did and pick up directly after halloween 2 (1981version) right after the hospital.. Show micheal being taken away from the fire in the hospital.. Get Jamie lee Curtis back ! Make her look young again.. Botox works wonders ! They can give us the halloween 3 we never got because of “season of the witch”. They Can even focous on Laurie changing her name.. Getting pregnant.. Studying to be a teacher (h20) then at the end they can show the first five minuets of halloween 4 (1988) and there we go we get the halloween 3 film we never got back in the 80s !

    • Nick Greeley

      Please. Nobody ever looks good with Botox

      • Natalie

        Have you seen joan rivers ?

        • Moon Knight

          Joan Rives never looks good.

          • Natalie

            She is my idol

          • Moon Knight

            That’s quite unfortunate.

        • Nick Greeley

          Yes, I have. I am a HUGE fan of Joan, but she looked so much better beforehand

  • retarded brilliance

    Well in h2o laurie had a son so you would have thought in ressurection after they killed off laurie that myers would have gone after the son,but no. So in h3 have laurie’s son come back to hunt down myers or have myers hunt him down,whatever cuz the original story was that myers was killing his bloodline so logic would be myers would want to kill the son and to mix in the conclusion to curse of michael myers or h6 have tommy doyle and jamey’s baby help lauries son. Basically entertwine h6 and h2o survivors to go at it with myers in next halloween film.

  • Str33tJustus

    No Laurie, No Scout Taylor-Compton…

    Have it take place a few years after RZ’s H2. There’s now a legend of the Boogeyman appearing every Halloween looking for blood in Haddonfield. New family moves in to his old house, He comes back, chases some teens around town for an hour n a half n voila, there’s your movie. No need for a reboot, just give us Michael killing mofo’s on Halloween, very simple premise, don’t screw it up.

  • M M

    As long as it’s not tied to Zombie’s films I’m up for anything at this point. Just bring back the suspense and make Michael scary again.

  • jayy89

    Get a badass producer, a badass director and one bitchin storyline, then you’ll have Halloween

  • Dustin

    You are among friends; you will be forgiven.

  • Jay Eckberg

    Since they already pulled a lets forget this never happened(4-6) with H20. I say lets do it again. Start the film with the end of 4 then jump 20 years later( forgetting 5&6) with Jamie getting out a mental hospital finally overcoming the fact she murdered her step mom. Show how she’s trying to mend her relationship with her stepsister, and start a normal life when Halloween rolls around, and Michael returns.

    • Carmen

      I like this idea best because it means Jamie wasn’t killed, that character deserved better. Also because you can get Danielle Harris back in here since she’s apparently a vampire who doesn’t age. One thing I really hope is that they the scale back on Michael’s physique. How does a mental patient get that muscle bound exactly? Aside from the script and the acting, it was the thing I hated most in Zombie’s movies.

  • RyanGoslingRumors

    I think it should be a crossover with Archer Vice: Having no family members left, Myers is left with no mission until he stumbles on a large cache of coke, coke owned by Malorie Archer. Let the slaying begin. After the whole ISIS team is declared dead save Pam (who is going toe to toe with Myers due to a cokerage) as she is finally cornered and right before Michael slices her up… Brock Samson walks in.


    Maybe they should do Halloween 9. Hear me out because this franchise is unfinished and has potential. In H4, Myers’ injuries from H2 we’re still canon, confirming that un-killable persona. He’d be in his mid-to-late 50’s by now, with all those injuries ever sustained would make some pretty badass visuals seeing his deteriorating huge hands. The mask is too tight now, making it move to his own expressions. Someone like James Waan’s visual style would work well with the new audiences

  • Moon Knight

    I would love to see a number of things. A third installment to Zombie’s films? Sure. A reboot? Fine. A remake of Season of the Witch? Sign me up. A sequel to Resurrection? About time. A sequel to H6? At this point, why the hell not?

    A sequel to both H6 and Resurrection, tying the storylines together and ending the trilogy on a high note, with both Paul Rudd and Josh Hartnett returning to their roles and teaming up to stop Michael once and forever, with John Carpenter producing and maybe Danielle Harris directing? Pinch me.

    • Strong Bad


      • Moon Knight

        Of course I’m delusional. I’m Moon Knight.

        Whatever they decide to do, I don’t expect it to be good. Therefore, I’m up for anything. Let the chips fall where they may.

        • Strong Bad

          Well, you should know that the old series is dead. The only possibilities are a reboot or sequel to RZH2

          • Moon Knight

            Most likely, however not necessarilly. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are gearing up for a new Star Wars film. Beverly Hills Cop IV just got green lit. Mad Max 4 premiers in the US only six days from now. Phantasm V has already been shot and we’ve seen the trailer. Spielberg is talking about a Goonies sequel and Michael Keaton is talking Beetlejuice. In Hollywood nothing is ever truly dead. Michael Myers even less so.

          • Strong Bad

            The studio has moved past ideas like H9, connecting the series and especially a H6 sequel. It is time to let those ideas go.

          • Moon Knight

            You have no idea what the studio is thinking, and it’s time for you to stop taking my comment seriously.

  • Danny Villanueva Jr.

    If it were up to me, i’d do Halloween 3 a direct sequel to Halloween 2 (original not Zombie’s)? Introduce a new teenage girl character.The new character will be haunted and hunted by the shape (with blood tears mask). A traumatic event (murders) happens at a Haddonfield house party in the abandoned Myers house. Everyone thinks this new teenage girl is having mental problems and the shape she’s been seeing is all in her head, and that she is responsible for the murders. She’s sent to Smith’s Grove sanitarium. An older Laurie Strode steps in as a Dr. Loomis figure (she is now a psychiatric doctor from having experience with the traumatic events herself and learning to cope). She assures the girl that what shes been seeing isn’t in her head, but it’s Michael who has returned to Haddonfield. Laurie breaks the girl out of Smiths Grove Sanitarium and protects her from police and especially Michael. We find out the new character is related to Laurie and Michael. Michael continues to hunt them with victims all along the way. It leads to a final showdown where Laurie almost loses her life and the new character finishes Michael. That’s what I want to see! What do you think about the pitch? lol

    • Strong Bad

      Thank goodness you have no say in the matter….

  • Strong Bad

    There will be NO Halloween 9! Get over those delusions!

  • Bob Marshall

    Its simple for me give us a straight up Halloween film, a reboot that doesn’t cover the origin but is simply a Halloween film about Myers stalking teens in Haddonfield.

  • jasonlives314

    I set my standards pretty low, so I’m never disappointed.

  • John Connor

    I’m just worried that a sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II will claim that Michael Myers was alive in the second film when he really died in the first one. Michael was just Laurie’s imagination in Halloween II.

    Follow Laurie as she seemingly gets better after all that trauma. Have them acknowledge that she killed everyone or imagined that she did in the events of Halloween II. Then have her start seeing Michael again in places. Though, now there’s some suspense about whether he’s really back since his body really did go missing after she shot him in the head at the end of Halloween. It was assumed that one of the victims’ relatives stole his body, but we find out that wasn’t the case.

    Is Laurie having another breakdown or is Michael really back this time?

  • Steve

    I also enjoyed zombie’s halloween to an extent, really i think the worst part about it was the dialogue. I think if it wasn’t so “white trash” the movie would have went over better, especially the first 20-30 minutes of the movie. Also i got tired of seeing his wife, not that she isn’t a gorgeous woman, just always in every zombie movie.

    Anyways, i am not sure where they go. I don’t think following rob’s halloween would be a bad idea, just not sure how you pass that off given the ending of 2. Unless they try to sell the entire movie of 2 as a mental breakdown sequence, but at that point that would be a stretch.

    Whoever takes on this project has their work cut out for them. There is no obvious starting point that i can see. That said i guess a reboot would be a good idea. I guess that’s the good thing about horror movies, you can always just retell a different story of the same killer (freddy, Jason, michael) and it doesn’t get old. But i guess that’s because i like those characters.

    Perhaps they could do another freddy vs jason vs michael, make michael scary again, and then after that spin a new movie for him? IDK though, like i said, good luck to whoever takes this project on.

  • Andrew Fox

    Let’s hope the film is placed in a hospital, that would be epic.

  • Joseph

    I want Halloween 3 movie to be the next movie with Michael Meyers to return with action figure toys.