Fede Alvarez: Evil Dead 2 Will Happen When the Time is Right

file_176981_0_evil-dead-2Evil Dead helmer Fede Alvarez directs tomorrow night's episode of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (airing at 9pm on El Rey) and Shock had a moment to speak with him this morning about not just his contributions to that show's bloodsucker-filled universe but about the status of Evil Dead 2 as well.

It seems the sequel's momentum has waned since the first film debuted last year grossing $97 million worldwide at the box office. But Alvarez wouldn't exactly say it's losing steam, it's merely about waiting for the right idea.

"Sam, Bruce and Rob Tapert and I are good friends and we talk to one another often and we're always coming up with new ideas and projects," he said. "Sam is teasing Army of Darkness 2, which he is working on the script with his brother, but at the same time Evil Dead 2 is something we definitely want to do at some point. But part of the reason I think the last one was successful is because Sam took his time to find the right team of people to do it. We took the time to find the right script and all of that. If you had Evil Dead 2 coming out the following year, it's just for the market, not because you've found the right idea. It takes time to find the right idea and that's what we're doing. It's always in the background and always in our heads. And every time I talk with Sam, we're bouncing around ideas to find what would be the perfect sequel."

Sounds fair. In the meantime, Alvarez is developing Dante's Inferno for Universal. Stay tuned for more with the director very soon!

  • Kevin Hernandez Orth

    Hope they don’t go with the comedic shit that kill Evil Dead 2

    • Matt Aaron Harper

      Yeah, God forbid they do something smart and make it an all-time classic like that one.

    • David Burton

      I completely agree. I think we’re the only two here who think so, though lol. It’s a very unpopular opinion and we’ll get burned at the stake for it. XD

  • Bayouboyz

    Well, it’s good you see that he is back on board. It seemed that for awhile he had nothing to do with the sequel.

  • Danny Villanueva Jr.

    I absolutely loved the Evil Dead remake. I’m really hoping they move forward with these and I hope Fede is back on board because I thought he did fantastic!

  • ariessiren

    Still waiting for the nc17 version

  • maxman

    When the time is right? When will that be? 10 years from now? Of course he has the right people. The same crew as the last movie. Every body wants the sequel

  • David Burton

    That is awesome news. I hate it when studios just crank out sequels every year just for the money. It’s nice to know there are people left in the industry who truly care about the quality of their films and are passionate about their work. I’d rather wait years for an amazing movie than get sequel after sequel every year and have them all be average. I love the Evil Dead remake so I’m glad it’s in good hands.

  • MrX13

    Really loved the Evil Dead remake! I really hope that they continue with Evil Dead 2 soon. But I totally agree with them on making sure that the story is right, just don’t take too long with it please!

  • PineapplePrincess

    Oh look, Alvarez said AOD 2 is happening, even though Campbell has said a million times that it’s not even on their radar. It must be a day ending in y.