Here’s What a New Creature from the Black Lagoon Would Have Looked Like

creature-from-the-black-lagoonThe Creature from the Black Lagoon remake has waded through an epic journey in development hell that has spanned decades. Directors have come and gone and, with them, myriad unused designs updating the monster's look (created by Milicent Patrick for the 1954 film). In the early years of Shock, I encountered one Creature director, Breck Eisner, who was on board the remake back in 2008 and told me Spectral Motion (Hellboy) had designed the monster for him.

I had seen what Spectral Motion had in mind for Creature from the Black Lagoon, but never publicly. Over the weekend, however, during a stroll through Creature Features in Burbank, the FX shop's maquette for the monster was on display. You can check out a photo below. I'm not certain if this was specifically for Eisner's film, but there's a high possibility it was based on some of the conversations I've had with those involved in his take on the film.

It's a cool design, for sure. Not thrilled with that "cobra neck" look, but the face is a nice nod to the original Creature, also note the addition of the tail. What do you think?

Eisner's no longer attached to the film, of course. And it feels like there have been a slew of writers and directors attached since he left the project. (I don't expect to see a remake get pushed through Universal any time soon.)

Breck Eisner

  • Matthew Sparks

    i like it

  • Michael Alan

    Eew. Glad that version never got off the ground. Ugly design.

  • Gabbi Cordero

    for my money, i’ve always felt a proper reimagining of Gillman should be a fish/amphibian hybrid instead of a reptilian. i like the face because it reminds me of that image. i do agree with ryan regarding the serpentine crown, but it’s not a deal breaker. the tail is quite unique and the feet are an excellect design choice. overall, i don’t believe “majestic” is the right word but its stance pictured above gives it a look as if it is the unquestionable, uncontested ruler of its domain, and this fabrication looks like something functional you would see in nature.

  • Dustin

    It’s good but I agree about the neck: it’s too cobra-esque and is slightly distracting. Don’t mind the tail, but I still prefer the original Wolf Man design from that story a while back.

  • Polite_Werewolf

    I like everything from the head, down. I agree on the neck and the face just doesn’t look right to me.

  • Matthew D. Berkshier

    When it comes to the idea of a remake, I like the design for the Gill Man from Monster Squad the best out of all the ones I’ve seen. It was a nice, slightly more menacing update from the original that had all the right things to make it pop in all the right ways. The one above is all right, and I agree with Gabbi Cordero that it looks like something functional you would see in nature, but that’s not necessarily the Gill Man I want to see. I like the idea of him still being perfectly monstrous, despite the fact that he is supposed to represent a certain stage of human evolution.


    Monster Squad flawlessly re-imagined Gillman if you ask me