Exclusive: The Legend of Hell House Next Up for Remake Again?

The Legend of Hell HouseThis seems like a no-brainer if you're a studio exec looking to cash-in on the latest supernatural craze that's happening in Hollywood, but I've been hearing the last two weeks that The Legend of Hell House is up for a remake at Fox again. No writer or director have been set.

If you recall, back in 2007 when 20th Century Fox had its Fox Atomic banner, the 1973 film was being mulled over for an update. Nothing came of it though. Now, with everyone trying to channel that magic The Conjuring brought to the box office, it makes sense.

Based on the Richard Matheson novel, The Legend of Hell House told of a physicist, Dr. Barrett, who is hired by a wealthy, dying old man to find evidence of the afterlife in the Belasco House, a.k.a. “Hell House,” the “Mt. Everest of haunted houses.” Barrett accepts the job bringing his wife, a psychic and a survivor of a previous Hell House visit that went terribly awry.

John Hough (Escape to Witch Mountain) directed the adaptation with Roddy McDowell, Clive Revill, Pamela Franklin and the lovely Gayle Hunnicutt starring.

  • Kevin Hernandez Orth

    If James Wan is directing it is gonna be great…. the original movie is awesome!!!

  • Phantom DJ

    If they keep the cgi down to a minimal I’ll see it.

    • No Nonsense

      I have to say that I’m getting really tired of this trendy opinion. I have seen far more movies that were ruined by terrible practical effects than by cgi. In fact, many of the best movies of the last several years would have been literally impossible to make without cgi. District 9, Prometheus, and The Avengers, to name a few.
      Yes, sometimes CGI is done poorly, and it can be distracting, but when it’s done well, it far surpasses anything that practical effects could produce. Explain to me how you could have made District 9 look half as good with practical fx.
      As much as I love John Carpenter’s The Thing, I have to admit that the recent prequel actually looked better. The Carpenter version is still a better all around movie, but after watching them back to back, the newer one just objectively looks better.

      Lastly, for any ghost story, cgi is going to be better. You’re trying to depict ethereal, insubstantial beings. How does using solid, clunky robotics get that across? When the American version of The Ring came out, the final reveal was absolutely the most impressive on screen supernatural manifestation that had ever been filmed. All CGI.

      Don’t even get me started on the people who complain about how Mama looked. That was one of the most visually impressive ghost stories of all time.
      This anti-cgi thing is just the latest internet fad. It makes no sense at all. Without cgi, we wouldn’t have the vast majority of the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy movies we’ve seen in the last decade.

      Imagine an animatronic Gollum, or guys in rubber suits as Ringwraiths. Awful. Garbage.

      • Jason Shanaman

        haha The last ten years have brought nothing but essential non stop action cgi crap fests. So.. Your point is moot.

        • No Nonsense

          What a nuanced and well thought out argument……..

  • Johnny NoDepth

    The Legend of Hell House – 1973 was an awesome film so why remake it? The filmmakers considering this should do something original. Try a new idea instead of cashing in on a famous film title from the past.