Stanley Film Fest: A Master of Horror is Going to Be Working With SpectreVision

spectrevisionShock is currently reporting from Estes Park, Colorado where the second annual Stanley Film Festival is in full swing.

Yesterday, I sat down with the team of SpectreVision – the company behind the upcoming CootiesLFO and The Boy that is led by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller.

Admittedly this is news nugget is a bit of a tease, but during our 20-minute interview with the trio, they told me that SpectreVision was going to be working with a "master of horror" who is best known for his '80s output.

Noah refrained to divulge who, naturally. They're going to be making an announcement soon. Let the speculation begin…who do you think it's going to be?

  • Matt Aaron Harper

    I would sell my children for a GOOD new Carpenter film. Of course, I don’t have kids…

    • Daniel Baldwin

      I think you are taking this a bit literally. None of those guys in that group are known strictly for their 80s output. Virtually all have noteworthy releases in the 70s and/or 90s as well. It could be any one of them.

      • Matt Aaron Harper

        Oh, I know, I’m just having a bit of fun. Any time I get to remind people how underrated In the Mouth of Madess is, I take that chance.

        • Daniel Baldwin

          No argument here.

      • Mister D

        I think it fair to say that, outside Halloween, Carpenter is best known for his 80s work (The Thing, Escape from NY, Big Trouble, Prince of Darkness, They Live). Craven’s most noteworthy films are more spread out (Last House, Hill – 70s, NOES – 80s, Scream – 90s). Maybe Joe Dante (Howling, Gremlins) is a possibility?

  • Dustin

    My money is split between Carpenter and Craven: I’d love to see Carpenter knock one out of the park again! BUT…Craven deserves to go off on a high before retirement. Hmmmm…

  • Guro Taku

    I hope it’s Stuart Gordon. He’s the only master of 80ies horror who has still got it.