Farrands Comments On Friday the 13th TV Series, Explains Focus

friday-the-13th-the-final-chapterIn the wake of yesterday's announcement that a new television series based on the Friday the 13th franchise was in development, I guess fans had feared a "time traveling Jason" or something?  I guess it came from Deadline's description which said there would be a "storyline that re-imagines Jason in multiple time periods." That doesn't necessarily scream "time traveling Jason" to me, but it sent some folks into a tizzy.

Still, Daniel Farrands – who's involved in the series – set out to clarify what Deadline's description meant. He told the Friday the 13th The Film Franchise webite:

"We will be exploring the origins of the Voorhees family, namely Pamela and Jason Voorhees, but doing so in flashbacks to past events that will be running concurrently with present day storylines. There is absolutely no time traveling of any kind."

Now, here's the thing, the website has pulled the article this quote appears in since this morning. Not sure why. Maybe Farrands said too much?

For the initial series announcement, click here.

  • K. Lee Adams

    Wonder what the hell this is going to actually be. I certainly prefer it to found footage Jason, though.

    • Daniel Baldwin

      Sadly, we are still getting the found footage film.

      • K. Lee Adams

        Which sucks so bad. I’m not saying Friday doesn’t need a new angle but found footage is not it, in my opinion. As many have said it’s just a cash in on the success of the PA movies, hoping to lure in the fans of those movies by sticking the format on a classic character and alienating a large number of the fans (like myself) who don’t want or need this gimmick.

        • amg43010 .

          I disagree on fans being alienated. Think about all of the movies so far. Have you been so insulted that you won’t watch the show or any movie from here on out? I can’t wait for new and different ways to get my Jason or Freddy or any horror icons. Jason is a staple of horror, an OG if you will. Idc if they make Jason vs Freddy pt10 cagematch. I will happily give my money to be disappointed every time. Part of the fun is just enjoying the ride.

  • Juan Asilo

    so the focus gonna be the f up vorhees rituals?

  • Matt Thompson

    So it’s pretty much Stef Hutchinson’s reboot script, then?

  • Armando Pina

    God, as long as it doesn’t delve into the that demon worm thing from Jason goes to hell. God, I can’t believe I thought that was cool when I was a kid. Best part of that movie is opening. Rather get a continuation from the original Friday the 13th series!

    • K. Lee Adams

      Dont’ forget the great tent kill where the chick gets split in half from the stomach up! I like the opening, too. Otherwise the movie’s garbage!

  • JaySherman

    The two greatest atrocities to befall the horror genre: “Found footage” films and TV shows/remakes that expand on the histories and origins of killers whose appeal stems from their mystique.

    These people couldn’t possibly be getting it more WRONG. They’re actually making the 3-D gimmick seem genius and inspired by comparison.

  • amg43010 .

    Fair enough.

  • Chip

    Honestly I see this as potential, if only because I have theories about Pamela Voorheese and the nature of Jason’s death. I’ve always held onto the idea that Jason never did die, and Pamela just had a mental breakdown for abandoning her son. She pretended he was dead, and blamed the teenagers at the camp.

  • Calum Sanderson

    So it’s Bates Motel but Friday the 13th