Editorial: Predator 2 Doesn’t Deserve Your Hate

Predator 2Predator 2 is the rare instance in which a sequel does everything a good sequel has to do. And no, this isn't one of my random rants defending a sequel you might find questionable (such as the occasional proclamations of love for RoboCop 2 you'll find on my Twitter account). I think Predator 2 is a genuinely great sequel. That's not to say it surpasses John McTiernan's 1987 film with Arnold Schwarzenegger – a creature feature/action film I hold in high regard. But Predator 2 gets the job done and is an interesting paradigm of the action genre's shift from '80s tropes into the '90s. It is also the last best representation of the intergalactic hunter with the funky mouth until Predators came along 20 years later (seriously, screw those Alien vs. Predator films).

Released in 1990 and set 10 years after Predator in the "near future" of 1997, for no other reason that I can see than to put some distance between the events of the films, Predator 2 finds a young, brash show-off of a Predator infiltrating the violent drug wars of Los Angeles during an incredibly hot time of year. This urban backdrop is ideal for the sequel and a natural evolution for the series. To bring the story back to the jungle would be tremendously derivative and a bore. The Predator needed new grounds to traverse and the big city was a perfect fit. (It's reportedly one of the reasons Schwarzenegger passed on the opportunity to return – the actor thought relocating the action to the city was a bad idea.)

"Future" L.A. is hardly extreme on an aesthetic level. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I think director Stephen Hopkins did well not to make the film look too futuristic. 1997 Los Angeles isn't depicted with cool gadgets or outlandish sci-fi tropes. It simply takes a digestable "same as it ever was" approach. The cars haven't changed. The guns are familiar. The buildings are no different. The clothes are a bit outdated, however (if anything, Predator 2 shares the "high-waisted pants are the style of the future" approach that Her took…weird). Here, shades of "the future," more or less, are seen outside of the Los Angeles Police Department which features a curbside cement blockade with barbed wire strewn across the sidewalk – a reaction to the heightened violence in the city. Also, the writers – Jim and John Thomas (of the first Predator) – have said they used the future scenario to justify a Predator attack scene featured in a subway (the Metro Rail in L.A. was just getting its start in '90).

What Predator 2 also wisely does is subvert the audience's perception of the action hero (something we'd get a lot more of in the '90s). In Predator, Schwarzenegger's Dutch is a larger than life human being who meets his match in something not of this earth. Predator 2 consciously attempts to eschew the machismo of the first film by giving us Danny Glover's Lieutenant Mike Harrigan. With his sharp widow's peak and consistently sweaty appearance, what Harrigan lacks in brawn he more than makes up for in attitude and wits. His sometimes abrasive confidence and determination proves to be a perfect match against the Predator. When we first meet Harrigan, it's in an epic gun battle between the L.A. police and a gang. The police are held at bay and can't establish a new line of defense until Harrigan creates one by driving his car into the thick of the confrontation, allowing the police to advance and drive the gang members inside a nearby building (where they're later slaughtered by the Predator). 

The Thomas brothers established Harrigan in a successful, heroic way and also made time to present his vulnerability (he hates heights). Furthermore, Glover enjoyably rises to the occasion as the foul-mouthed, risk-taking Harrigan, who you could say countered his turn as Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon films.

It should be mentioned that even Harrigan's team in Predator 2 contradicted the brute physicality of Dutch's posse in Predator. Instead of Jesse Ventura, we get Reuben Blades. Instead of Carl Weathers…Maria Conchita Alonso and Bill Paxton (whose wise-cracking character is perhaps more in line with Shane Black's Hawkins in Predator). They may not look imposing, yet they're an effective team. Not against the Predator, of course. Only one man is deserving of a showdown with the creature and that's Harrigan…and he proves to come out on top through that sheer determination I spoke of earlier.

There's a lot more to like about Predator 2. The filmmakers are aware the audience knows what the Predator is, so the story layers in this nice X-Files-esque mystery involving Gary Busey's Peter Keyes, a government agent trying to capture the monster. The Predator attacks are vicious and showcase his fun, new arsenal. We also learn a bit more about the Predator's hunting tactics (kids, pregnant women…OFF LIMITS, DUDE!). There's also a touch of sarcastic humor (brought to life by Morton Downey, Jr. as a trash TV reporter) that strives for RoboCop-level satire and while it doesn't quite work on the same way, it's still amusing. Plus…multiple Predators! Alien easter egg! Calvin Lockhart as King Willie! Producer Joel Silver's usual stable of character actors like Robert Davi and Steve Kahan! C'mon, folks… This all far outweighs the film's atrocious ADR ("Take that you scum-sucking dog!") and overreliance on the aforementioned Morton Downey, Jr. stuff.

Predator 2 doesn't transcend the first film, but it sure remains consistent within the world it established while giving us a lot of new stuff to chew on. I've seen a lot of hate flung at the film and, frankly, I don't get it. If it has been some time since you've seen it, I say check it out with some new eyes.

  • Richie

    Eh.. Nah. I don’t care. Pred 2 sucked

    • EmpeRawD

      Why did it suck?

  • amg43010 .

    Yeah I definitely dig this sequel. Lt. Murtaugh was very believable as a cop who’s getting too old for this sh!t. I liked the scenes with that wack job Gary Busey too.

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      Have you ever realized Paxton exists in Terminator,Alien and Predator
      universes. And since Alien and Predator crossed over,there’s doppelganger Bill Paxtons in that universe.
      I mean maybe Detective Lambert is supposed to be Hudson’s ancestor,but they look exactly the same,and Hudson isn’t a robot so they can’t use the Lance Henricksen maneuver.
      You know what,I think they just didn’t realize it.

  • Seth Miller

    I grew up shrugging off Predator 2 because it wasn’t that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jungle flick that I loved so much. As I got older, I bought it on DVD and gave it another chance, and I’m fully convinced now that it’s an underrated sequel. It’s great for everything you highlighted, Mr. Turek, and then some. I have a huge appreciation for sequels that don’t try to duplicate the originals ( a reason why I prefer Temple of Doom over Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls) and Predator 2 delivers beyond just changing location. The whole sequence on the train was incredibly fun when revealed that everyone is carrying weapons, the characters were fun and likable, and Alan Silvestri’s sequel score is terrific. In my opinion, Predator, Predator 2 and Predators makes a perfect trilogy.

  • Johnny Mustache

    Finally this sequel gets some appreciation! I’ve been defending it for years.

    • Juan Asilo

      till their last dual glover with that boomerang n predator with the blades.
      epic in is maximus. period

  • Brandon Slagle

    Thank you for writing this…!

  • Quetzal

    Predator 2 rocks, it was never underrated in my book.
    Like it was mentioned, I loved that we saw more of the Predators’ ethics, like the scene where we see she was pregnant or simply the fact that the other Predators leave Harrigan alone, taking it a “Hey, it’s a sport, you can’t win ‘em all !” attitude.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    Awesome article.
    Besides the fact it’s Predator,It seems like one of us wrote it instead of some stodgy mother’ like most movie news editorials.

    The 1 thing that hits me like sandpaper in the movie is the Jamaican gangsters. More for the behind the scenes implications…Predators looks like they have dreads so someone either thought they were clever or were being a smartass

  • WhiteGoodman

    I agree wholeheartedly. This sequel is fantastic. I’ve never understood the hate. I saw it in theatres when it first came out, and the scene with Busey and the Predator in the meat locker at the end was burned into my brain. Such a great sequence. Such a fun film.

  • Chris Veal

    I loved it. gary b. even in it. whats not to love?

  • Matthew Marion Fondel

    I thought I was the only one who noticed the attempt in Predator 2 at a Robocop type tone with Morton Downey, Jr. and other things. I’ve recently been watching Predators and I think that movie needs to be re-evaluated as well.

  • 209SINS

    I was fortunate to see P2 in the theater and, am beyond happy about this review. This film is finally getting the recognition it deserves…Thank you.

  • Con W

    Great review. I’ve always liked Predator 2. As you said yourself, it’s one of those sequels that manages to do everything right. And that has as much to do with distinguishing itself from the original and doing its own thing as it does imitating what worked first time round. The change of setting was a very good call and Danny Glover filled in nicely for Schwarzenegger. As you said, it doesn’t transcend the first flick, but it does live up to it.

  • EmpeRawD

    I think the main reason this film get the hate is because Arnie was absent. Very good film and an even better sequel if not by a notch. Now what the hell happened with Predators? I decided to watch all three films in order…was not able to complete Predators and I am now questioning myself as to why I once thought this film was any good and why I purchased the Blu-Ray.