13 Things We’re Pretty Sure Will NOT Be in Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla

rodanAllow me to hit bait and have a bit of fun. Like you, I'm being driven by rabid excitement over the release of Godzilla. I've always been a fan…hell, since I became inseparable with a giant plastic Godzilla toy when I was four or five. And what's fun to track about this new Gareth Edwards-directed film is the speculation. My, has it been worked into a tizzy. Is Rodan in the film? How many monsters are there? Does Godzilla have atomic breath?

Well, one thing is for sure – yes, he has atomic breath. That's been confirmed. As for the rest? Who knows, for sure…

There are 13 things I'm pretty certain will not be in the new film opening May 16th and I've compiled them here. If anything, this collection only goes to show where the Toho franchise steered Godzilla and how much of an impact he's had on pop culture since being introduced as a harbinger of doom in 1954.

  • lucaschad

    Great list! I for one can’t wait to see how it looks when it comes out May 16th. I actually liked the song “Come With Me” when it first came out along with The Wallflowers’ version of “Heroes!”

    • Enoch

      The only reason “Come With Me” was a hit (or can even be tolerated for that matter) is because of Jimmy Page and his reusing “Kashmir”. Further proof Led Zeppelin can anything better. I will agree that the Wallflowers’ version of “Heroes” was pretty well done.

  • Markus

    As someone who fashions himself as a Godzilla fan some of those things not in this Godzilla should be considered in the future movies. I loved the old films so if they decided to do a big sequel they should think about Rodan or Mechagodzilla. But if the studio really wants to have audiences’ mouths watering then by all means they should have Godzilla square off against King Kong. That fight would be more anticipated than Pacquaio vs Mayweather.

    • Damn Heathen

      Kong stands no chance against GZ’s breath. Give me a GZ vs. Pacific Rim baddies.

  • Damn Heathen

    I certainly hope I don’t walk out of GZ14 thinking it would’ve been better with Minya.

  • Chris Chestnutt

    Lets see Godzilla vs the cloverfield monster. Now that’s a giant monster fight

  • amg43010 .

    Lol I would love to see Jason! Awesome:)

  • Quetzal

    Excellent article for any Godzilla Lover :D

  • Jigsaw

    Thank you for pointing out how utterly ridiculous the japanese Godzilla movies are. Thankfully the western remakes stay well clear of that kind of trash. They don’t do the original justice? Good!

  • Adam Buskirk

    Godzilla as a Green Lantern would be kick-ass

  • Wasteland Dan

    This list is mostly foolishness, and this article barely stands above common click bait.