Gerard Way Contributing to Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Kevin Smith Tusk WalrusThe latest on Kevin Smith's next attempt at horror, Tusk, is this: The film is in post-production and A24 is aiming for a fall 2014 release. And, according to Smith, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance has recorded a new track for the film.

To bring you up to speed on the plot, Michael Parks plays a creep who lures Justin Long's character (a dude who runs a podcast) into his abode and then slowly turns him into a walrus. Genesis Rodriguez co-stars wth Haley Joel Osment.

The director told (via NME):

"At one point in Tusk, the Michael Parks character sings a few verses, so I thought it might be nice to end the film with the song itself. Gerard turned the piece into this achingly beautiful, haunting declaration of undying, hopeless love."

"If you’ve ever been in that kind of love, this song will crush you. It’s such a heartbreaker, you can’t help but well up with tears. You could play this track at a wedding or at a funeral and it would be equally appropriate in both places. I love it."

An emo track from Way? Say it isn't so!

  • Tey

    Oh yes! Gerard Way should score movies or provide soundtracks since his music is cinematic and operatic in nature.

  • Damn Heathen

    Haley Joel Osment is in this? He found work!

  • RyanCreepshow

    I’m so pumped for this movie. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of Red State, the absurd premise of this is just wacky enough to work. Plus, I’m a huge Gerard Way fan, some for his music but mostly for The Umbrella Academy.

    • Damn Heathen

      idk, after human centipede, is this concept really novel?

      • RyanCreepshow

        Human Centipede was shock “horror” because some guy was gluing peoples mouths to other peoples asses to become a “centipede.” I think this is going to be a little more methodic, thought out and better written.

  • Juan Asilo

    hope is surrealist