Horror Poster Redux: Cannibal Holocaust By Grey Matter, Grindhouse Releasing

Grey Matter Art and Grindhouse Releasing have teamed up for a Cannibal Holocaust print that will see a release on Tuesday, April 8th. This 24" x 36" poster, featuring the art of Randy Ortiz, is going to get a limited edition run. 250 regular editions and 125 variants will be up for grabs.

According to Grey Matter's site, this is the first print they're releasing. If you like what you see, head to this spot, sign up for their newsletter and check out the variant along with some other specifics. This is a handsome piece for a notorious film.

Cannibal Holocaust

  • Tyrannosaurus Ren

    Of all the horror movies I have seen, this one is the movie that really got to me in an unforgettable, uneasy way. I was a teenager working at a video store at the time, and I had never heard of it before. One day while stocking the horror section, I came across it. It was the 2-disc set, and the box art was faded. All I could make out was the distorted face on the front and the words “THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILM OF ALL TIME” on the back. It looked like an older movie, and I thought to myself, “Really? How controversial could a movie made in the 80’s be?” So I took it home, knowing nothing about it, and popped it in the DVD player. It caught me totally off guard. I felt exactly the way most people felt upon it’s initial release. “Oh my god. Is this real? This can’t be a real snuff film, because the acting is so wooden, but it looks like they really killed people. And I’m pretty sure they actually killed those animals.” Well, I was half right. I love horror, but I still have never watched it again. Consider me truly horrified.

    • Kelly Ryan

      80’s movies were the best

  • Derek Smith

    Cannibal Holocaust is by far the most shocking disturbing mind-blowing movie experience i’ve ever had..and i Love it :-)

  • Juan Asilo

    awesome piece.