Phantasm V is Shot and Here’s a Poster to Back That Up

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Phantasm V is one of those sequels that has been rumored for years and years. The fans wanted to see it happen. Series creator Don Coscarelli has wanted to see it happen.

Now it's happening. I can tell you exclusively that the film has already been shot. That's the rumbling I had heard for the last year now and recently had confirmed. The whole gang is back, too.

AICN has the poster for the film and it's being called Phantasm V: Ravager. Check it out below. No word yet on when we'll see it get a release, but start getting excited…


  • NotoriousPAT

    Oh boyyy!

  • Mumm-Ra

    Thats really awesome news. Its not everyday you read an article and are pleasantly surprised, but today I am.

  • buhay

    I guess it’s time to do a refresher on these movies, I feel like I haven’t seen them in forever.

  • Ivan__Drago

    Cool. This reminds me of the anticipation for Phantasm 3 and 4 as well as all the Hellraisers after 4, I know I will most likely be disappointed once I see it, but I’m happy it exists.

  • Juan Asilo

    again, huh?

  • amg43010 .

    The whole gang? Angus is so old. Hope he’s still intimidating. Can’t wait.

  • Tyrannosaurus Ren

    It’s hard to judge by the trailer how good this one’s going to be. I’m sure I’ll love it though.