The Bloodcast Episode 66: Listener Questions, SXSW Recap & More

bloodcast-logo-new​This week's episode of The Bloodcast is all about catching up. Hosts Ryan Turek and Clarke Wolfe answer a handful of listener questions and address a mixed bag of topics.

Wolfe weighs in on a handful of films she has seen and Turek provides a report from SXSW. The two touch on The Walking Dead's big "shocker" and the finale of True Detective (which two actors do they think should take over for season 2?).

Although this episode doesn't focus on a main topic, it sure has a lot to offer so listen in!

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  • Tyrannosaurus Ren

    Another great podcast, guys, and thanks for answering my question. It’s funny how when horror fans discuss most inventive kills, the “sleeping bag kill” is always the one everybody recalls first. I’m a huge Friday fan, so it’s nice to know that Jason set the standard. I have to wonder what makes it so memorable though. Why, considering all of the crazy things Pinhead and Freddy, etc. pulled off, and even other kills by Jason himself, does the “sleeping bag kill” stand out above the rest?

    • RTurek

      Because Jason picks someone up in a body bag and slams them into a tree! It’s simple, efficient and better than any contrived thing Freddy or Pinhead have come up with, haha.

      Another favorite also involves a sleeping bag. It’s from Prophecy and has a kid hopping away from danger in a sleeping bag until the giant mutant bear whacks the kid! It’s amaaaaaazing.

      • Tyrannosaurus Ren

        Hahaha! I looked up the mutant bear clip on YouTube. It honestly just made my week. So freaking ridiculous.

        I have to agree with you on the simplicity of the sleeping bag kill. I think that really is the beauty of it.