Jason Blum Challenges Derrickson to Direct Sinister 2

file_171189_0_sinister_2_20120110_1960962258This week we spoke to Jason Blum, of Blumhouse Productions, who informed us Sinister 2's script, by Scott Derrickson and Robert Cargill, was complete and ready to go this summer for a 2015 release. My co-host of Kings of Horror and 12 Days of Kill-mas, William Bibbiani of Crave Online, also spoke to Blum recently and the subject of who would direct the upcoming sequel.

In this video, Blum explains why Derrickson should return.

And we agree. However, if the rumors are true and if Derrickson is on the short list to direct Doctor Strange for Marvel…then he may be a bit busy.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    If Summer 2015 release planned need start fliming by May 1

    • RTurek

      What are you basing that off of? Blumhouse is notorious for their quick turnarounds.

      • Matt Aaron Harper

        Yeah, there’s no reason Sinister would be more than an 8-week shoot at maximum, and it would only take that long if there were scheduling issues.

  • J Reed

    Why is anyone “challenging” anyone? Part one had its moments but was a total let down and sucked for the most part. Big fat Meh for that one