Poster Art & Cast Update for Scott Spiegel’s Wrath

Wrath_Concept_V1In September of 2013, we told you that Scott Spiegel (IntruderHostel 3) would be returning to the director’s chair for the upcoming witch-driven horror film Wrath. Shock has received not only this early one-sheet for the film but has learned that character actors Vernon Wells and Timothy Patrick Quill have joined the cast.

The synopsis: A horrific murder that took place over two hundred years ago gives birth to a vengeful creature, The Easter Witch, who returns to exact revenge on the unsuspecting locals of a California coastal town in the mid-1980s. The town of Emerald Beach holds a secret, a secret that the town’s troubled inhabitants have kept since 1736. Told as a local legend to the town’s children, the words echo on the night air as a caution. “Run on home. Heed the warning. Don’t come out till early morning.” But now, in 1986, on the eve of Swedish Easter, brothers Colton and Reid Bergstrom will come face to face with this chilling secret. As night falls over Emerald Beach, Colton and Reid must run for their lives and survive until dawn as a terrifying and ravenous creature known as The Easter Witch begins an unstoppable hunt for the brothers, stalking them at every deadly turn. 

We'll keep you posted as more updates come in!


  • Juan Asilo

    looking for weird stuff sound good.

  • Frank Bautista

    Anything set in the 80s always has my attention, but I hope it gets the look and feel right. So many horror movies set in the 80s fail to capture that, and become nothing more than “modern looking characters that just happen to live in the 80s”. Some, if they didn’t make it a point(or have small reminders like 80s music playing in the background), you’d never know it WAS the 80s. Sometimes movies think they could fill the cast with a bunch of Hipster-looking characters and that classifies for the 80s look. LOL! I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt.

    And truth be told, it isn’t hard to get the 80s look down. My hair hasn’t changed much since the 80s, and I can slick it back to the EXACT same style I had in the 80s just in a minute or two with a comb and a wad of gel or mousse. That and you can probably find actresses that don’t go with the straight hair(have some wave or curls to them), especially if you warn them about the part ahead of time. Get a little method preparation in there.