Here’s the Full Trailer for Alien Abduction

Alien AbductionLast month, we exclusively told you IFC Midnight had picked up Alien Abduction and presented a 15-second teaser. Today, IFC has revealed the full trailer and a one-sheet.

Directed by Matty Beckerman and written by Robert Lewis, the film concerns a vacationing family that encounters an alien threat. It's apparently based on the real-life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina.

Hostel‘s Mike Fleiss and Reservoir Dogs‘ Lawrence Bender produced the film which is hitting select theaters and VOD April 4th.

  • Craig F

    Wow, that ending totally ripped off a scene in VHS.

    • Juan Asilo

      lets be frahnk with this, cause is actually the same as the short of vhs, just without the annoyance of the kids.

  • JustLink Studios

    Wow, terrible.

  • Romani Nce

    Looks descent. Hope its good. because ALL alien movies have been terrible. they can never execute those movies. (except for signs & alien)

  • Nel Li

    Hmm.. looks like the Found footage version of Dark skies with a Hint of VHS 2 Alien sequence + The skinwalker ranch Found footage movie . Its like a combination of all 3 and then it turned into this. Looks very interesting though, Im definitely checking this one out

  • Linda

    What a yawner.

  • shokan

    I’d f(uc)k the s(hi)t out of the boy in the beginning