Goosebumps Movie Casts One More, Plot Details Surface

file_172981_0_goosebumps-bookThe Goosebumps feature film is really moving forward now. Based on the R.L. Stine series of kids books, the supernatural thriller had been gestating for some time until Jack Black boarded the project last fall. Rob Letterman is attached to direct and, today, The Wrap reports Odeya Rush will play Black's niece in the film.

This is all well and good, but I've always wanted to know which direction they were going to take this film. The Wrap explains: "Black will play Mr. Shivers, a Stine-like author whose scary characters literally leap off the page, forcing him to hide from his own creepy creations. Rush will play Black’s quirky and mysterious niece, who teams up with her young male neighbor to battle the monsters unleashed from Mr. Shivers’ works."

Interesting, sounds like that Tales from the Crypt episode which found Harry Anderson drawing creatures that would "leap off the page" and attack people. Granted, we've seen that concept before… But, fill me in Goosebumps, fans, does this sound like it was inspired by a particular novel?

Sony will distribut the film.

  • Dustin

    It sounds something a lot like the GOOSEBUMPS novel “The Blob That Ate Everyone”, in which this kid gets an old typewriter and everything he writes in his stories comes to life. I wonder if some of the creepy creations mentioned would be some of the infamous monsters from the series, like Slappy, the Haunted Mask, the Monster Blood, etc.

    • K. Lee Adams

      That’s one I never read.

      • Dustin

        Not many people have; it was further down the line in the series (like it was book number 50-something) and it was one of the better late entries in the series. Still, this was a major part of my childhood so any GOOSEBUMPS film news has my ears twitching like…*shifty eyes* THE WEREWOLF OF FEVER SWAMP…

        • Garett Phalen

          it`s from the who cares years of the series, this series is long forgotten by anyone. and never heard of by the audience it will be targeted to!

  • Dustin

    I think they’d go for a more Gremlins-type vibe (or something like PARANORMAN, which I thought was bold and intense and scary but still good for kids) as watering it down might kill the fun, campy vibe the books and TV show are known for.

    • K. Lee Adams

      I don’t remember much of Paranorman. I only saw it once. But I recall likening it to Coraline, which I think walks the line between “horror for adults and kids”.

      • Dustin

        Oh yeah! I completely spaced out on CORALINE! That was more like a fairy tale to me that had horror elements but I get what you’re saying.

        • K. Lee Adams

          I agree with the fairy tale with horror elements thing completely. It was like Guillermo Del Toro had done an animated movie. I can think of Mama and my mind goes back to Coraline immediately.

          • Dustin

            Ooooo…now my ├╝ber geek mind is wondering what a del Toro directed GOOSEBUMPS film would be like…

          • K. Lee Adams

            Oh, that would be awesome! Probably a little too dark for the younger audience, though, knowing Del Toro’s work but perfect for us! :) Then again he did produce Puss In Boots so who knows? It would be super cool though.

          • Dustin

            Super cool, but sadly, an unrealistic dream…

  • Garett Phalen

    A long time to late for this one. Not one child under 15 yrs old even knows what goosebumps was. RL Stine has launched several series since aimed at young adults not one caught on! talk about hitting hit franchises well after there dead.
    whats next? some Bruno and Boots movies from writer Gordon Korman?
    aka 1980s young adult novels.

    • Dustin

      I’m sure there will be parents who take their kids to see this. If it’s gonna work, it’s gonna have to walk that fine line of nostalgia for adults and inventive freshness for a new generation.

  • Baphomitt

    This was a black list script under a different name. Sounds like they either rebranded it or completely stole the script’s plot.

  • RyanRLarson

    Saying that no one will care about the movie because its base off something that came out a long time ago is kind of a tough thing to argue. Look at Coraline. Half of the people who saw that probably have never even heard of or read the book. Think of all the comic book movies that people didn’t realize we’re comics (ie Road to Perdition or Men in Black.) It’s all about marketing and advertising. That being said, and being a big Goosebumps fan, I’m interested but not excited.

  • Mika Malone

    Ryan Gosling should make a cameo appearance.

  • Monster Lover

    People saying that todays audience won’t know the Goosebumps name is out of touch. New episodes as well as reruns of GB and Haunting Hour show on The Hub every week. It’s part of their Haunted Hub which also includes Spooksville. As for the plot, the Hallmark movie Monster Makers immediately comes to mind. Concept has been done to death.

    • Pandora The Curious

      They don’t have new episodes of Goosebumps but they have Haunting Hour and reruns of Nightmare Room on Chiller. The kids I work with watch the Goosebumps/Haunting Hour/Spooksville marathon every weekend, so they won’t have problems finding an audience to love the film.


    Haunted Mask would’ve been a much better reimagining

  • naturallybornbad

    It should have been an anthology