The Top 25 Sexiest Female Vampires of All Time

What is it that makes us fall for vampire women? Is it simply their look or is it something more? Do we look for the same traits that we do in human women or do we judge them by their ferocity? Everyone is different so this is my top 25 sexiest vampire woman of all time. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, consider this a love letter to these lovely ladies of the night. I would like to hear your lists as well, to see if we are the same page.

  • Lady Lycanthrope

    I don’t know, man. Some of the female vampires from True Blood are pretty attractive (I have a girl crush on Deborah Ann Woll who plays Jessica Hamby). Plus the girls from Van Helsing. AND the chick from Lost Boys. PLUS Queen Akasha from Queen of the Damned. ALL good looking ladies.

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Star never vamps out so that’s why I didn’t include her. Great additions though. Thanks for reading.

      • HaughtiestZombieChic .

        You must not have seen the movie then. Akasha “vamps out” in the bar, on stage at Lestat’s concert & etc. Watch the movie again it’s great.

        • Sinful Celluloid

          I’m talking about Star in the Lost Boys. and Ive seen Queen of the Damned and I hate EVERYTHING about it.

    • RTurek

      Going to agree with Queen on the Damned on this one, Chris. ;)

    • nestazhe265

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    • J Jett

      Lady Lycanthrope, i’m gay and i too have a “str8″ crush on Deborah Ann Woll. i just adore her so much! she should be on this list!

      • Lady Lycanthrope

        Ha that’s cool. :)

  • Willie Johnson

    How can anyone forget Aaliyah playing Akasha in Queen of the Damned? She was so sexy!R.I.P.Aaliyah.

    • Lima Bean

      Agreed. I was expecting to see her on the list

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Didn’t forget her but I wish I could. :P

  • art123guy

    A Sexiest Vampire list without Anne Parillauda from Innocent Blood is a sad a Sexiest Vampires list.

  • Sinful Celluloid

    There is definitely a theme with my taste in woman. Undead or otherwise. ;p

    • HaughtiestZombieChic .

      Yeah I get it White. Well alrighty than.

  • Jawaburger

    I think Matilda May should have been first! Plus Lifeforce is an awesome movie.

    • Sinful Celluloid

      interesting choice. :)

  • J Jett

    how can you not have Rhona Mitra and Anne Paurillaud on this list!??!

    Kate Beckinsale is most definitely #1 for me though!

    btw, i really REALLY hope they aren’t just going to leave UNDERWORLD 4 on that cliffhanger. come back and make a final movie!

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Sorry, I don’t find either of them attractive. That’s why Queen of the damned is not on my list either. As for Underworld 5, not sure what the status is at this time but there has been no official movement.

    • Lady Lycanthrope

      I like Rhona Mitra. She was a good vampire in both Underworld and The Gates.

      • Jack

        What about Megan Fox? Jennifer’s body, she was hot in that!!!

  • James Holtslander

    I was going to say what willie said, No AKASHA….. Shame on you. Heck even Draculas’ brides in Monster Squad were hotter than some of the vintage ones you picked

    • Sinful Celluloid

      That all depends on what you find attractive. :)

  • LikeBreathing

    What no Lilith (Eileen Daly) from Razor Blade Smile!

    • Sinful Celluloid

      OMG. Yeah, you are right. That one slipped my mind. I do agree. Think I’ll pop that in the player right now!

  • KundaliniRising

    What about Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger?

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Catherine is number 11! I wouldn’t have a list without the Belle De Jour herself. ;)

  • Mumm-Ra

    Speaking of Fright Night 2, is there any word on it getting re released?

    • Sinful Celluloid

      Not at this time. Such a shame because it has some good stuff,

  • Junior Tobeas

    Drussila,But no Harmony?

  • HaughtiestZombieChic .

    I was expecting to see A aliyah as Akasha in Queen Of The Damned. You guys foolishly over looked her. She was superb!!!!

  • Reesa Smith

    Nina Dobrev? Aaliyah?

  • Damian Stones

    I agree with Willie on the aaliyah , however just watched ‘evolution’ again on tv, for the fortieth time. Katey B has such a cute ass in those latex pants ;)

  • Damian Stones

    Who woulda thought, not long after that movie, she’d pass – leave us wanting more? Willie, Kudos for bringing up a great beauty. She was never meant to be an actress- but she had a great voice :)

  • VampireLibby

    Grace Jones in Vamp. Aaliyah in Queen of The Damned, Theda Bara in A Fool There Was. Those are my girls.